Falkirk Victory Darts League (16/17)

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Crown A2221101804014043
2Pennies Lounge 221813154668837
3Magpie Bar221453145757033
4Ellwyn 501's 221426133874630
5Crown Team 12 221327144766828
6Crown B 221138123972625
7Roman Bar 22949105115-1022
8Auld Toll22721392128-3616
9Star and Garter22701581139-5814
10Anchor Tavern 22401870150-808
11Ellwyn 22401860160-1008
12Crown C 22002233187-1540

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Crown B 9v1Roman Bar
Magpie Bar5v5Pennies Lounge
Star and Garter4v6Auld Toll
Anchor Tavern 7v3Crown C
Ellwyn 501's 4v6Crown A
Crown Team 12 8v2Ellwyn
Crown Team 12 4v6Pennies Lounge
Ellwyn 501's 7v3Ellwyn
Crown Team 12 3v7Ellwyn 501's
Crown C 0v10Crown A
Auld Toll9v1Anchor Tavern
Pennies Lounge 8v2Star and Garter
Roman Bar 5v5Magpie Bar
Ellwyn 3v7Crown B
Anchor Tavern 3v7Pennies Lounge
Crown A8v2Auld Toll
Ellwyn 501's 10v0Crown C
Crown B 5v5Crown Team 12
Magpie Bar9v1Ellwyn
Star and Garter3v7Roman Bar
Crown B 3v7Ellwyn 501's
Crown Team 12 5v5Magpie Bar
Ellwyn 4v6Star and Garter
Auld Toll7v3Crown C
Pennies Lounge 4v6Crown A
Roman Bar 6v4Anchor Tavern
Magpie Bar7v3Ellwyn 501's
Pennies Lounge 7v3Auld Toll
Roman Bar 9v1Crown C
Ellwyn 0v10Crown A
Crown Team 12 8v2Anchor Tavern
Crown B 7v3Star and Garter
Crown A9v1Roman Bar
Crown C 3v7Pennies Lounge
Ellwyn 501's 7v3Auld Toll
Magpie Bar8v2Crown B
Star and Garter6v4Crown Team 12
Anchor Tavern 7v3Ellwyn
Auld Toll5v5Roman Bar
Ellwyn 501's 2v8Pennies Lounge
Star and Garter4v6Magpie Bar
Anchor Tavern 2v8Crown B
Crown A6v4Crown Team 12
Crown C 4v6Ellwyn
Star and Garter4v6Ellwyn 501's
Roman Bar 2v8Pennies Lounge
Ellwyn 3v7Auld Toll
Crown Team 12 10v0Crown C
Crown B 0v10Crown A
Magpie Bar8v2Anchor Tavern
Ellwyn 501's 8v2Roman Bar
Anchor Tavern 8v2Star and Garter
Crown A8v2Magpie Bar
Crown C 4v6Crown B
Auld Toll2v8Crown Team 12
Pennies Lounge 9v1Ellwyn
Anchor Tavern 3v7Ellwyn 501's
Ellwyn 2v8Roman Bar
Crown B 5v5Auld Toll
Magpie Bar10v0Crown C
Star and Garter1v9Crown A
Auld Toll3v7Magpie Bar
Crown A10v0Anchor Tavern
Crown C 3v7Star and Garter
Pennies Lounge 9v1Crown B
Roman Bar 2v8Crown Team 12
Ellwyn 1v9Crown Team 12
Crown A7v3Ellwyn 501's
Crown C 2v8Anchor Tavern
Pennies Lounge 6v4Magpie Bar
Roman Bar 5v5Crown B
Auld Toll3v7Star and Garter
Crown B 10v0Ellwyn
Ellwyn 501's 4v6Crown Team 12
Crown A10v0Crown C
Anchor Tavern 4v6Auld Toll
Star and Garter2v8Pennies Lounge
Magpie Bar7v3Roman Bar
Ellwyn 2v8Magpie Bar
Roman Bar 7v3Star and Garter
Pennies Lounge 8v2Anchor Tavern
Auld Toll2v8Crown A
Crown C 1v9Ellwyn 501's
Crown Team 12 7v3Crown B
Anchor Tavern 2v8Roman Bar
Ellwyn 501's 6v4Crown B
Crown C 1v9Auld Toll
Crown A7v3Pennies Lounge
Star and Garter6v4Ellwyn
Magpie Bar6v4Crown Team 12
Roman Bar 0v10Crown A
Pennies Lounge 10v0Crown C
Auld Toll4v6Ellwyn 501's
Crown B 7v3Magpie Bar
Crown Team 12 7v3Star and Garter
Ellwyn 6v4Anchor Tavern
Ellwyn 501's 5v5Magpie Bar
Auld Toll3v7Pennies Lounge
Crown C 3v7Roman Bar
Crown A10v0Ellwyn
Anchor Tavern 0v10Crown Team 12
Star and Garter0v10Crown B
Star and Garter8v2Crown C
Crown A10v0Star and Garter
Ellwyn 501's 9v1Star and Garter
Magpie Bar8v2Star and Garter
Star and Garter7v3Anchor Tavern
Roman Bar 8v2Auld Toll
Pennies Lounge 9v1Ellwyn 501's
Crown B 7v3Anchor Tavern
Ellwyn 7v3Crown C
Crown A6v4Crown Team 12
Crown C 0v10Crown Team 12
Pennies Lounge 7v3Roman Bar
Auld Toll7v3Ellwyn
Crown A7v3Crown B
Anchor Tavern 1v9Magpie Bar
Crown B 10v0Crown C
Roman Bar 5v5Ellwyn 501's
Magpie Bar5v5Crown A
Crown Team 12 10v0Auld Toll
Ellwyn 6v4Pennies Lounge
Ellwyn 501's 8v2Anchor Tavern
Roman Bar 8v2Ellwyn
Pennies Lounge 7v3Crown Team 12
Auld Toll2v8Crown B
Crown C 0v10Magpie Bar
Crown B 3v7Pennies Lounge
Anchor Tavern 2v8Crown A
Magpie Bar8v2Auld Toll
Crown Team 12 7v3Roman Bar
Ellwyn 1v9Ellwyn 501's

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