English Div 1 1995-96

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Aston Villa1311203943535
3Manchester Utd1310213292332
4Tottenham Hotspur139132920928
5Leeds Utd1383238132527
8Nott'm Forest137151416-222
10West Ham Utd135172027-716
11Newcastle Utd135172336-1316
12Norwich City133641620-415
13Ipswich Town133551719-214
14Notts Co134181736-1913
16Sheffield Wed13319920-1110
18Manchester City132291028-188
19Huddersfield Town 132291231-198
20Coventry City130211530-252

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West Ham Utd1v3Tottenham Hotspur
Sunderland2v0Coventry City
Sheffield Wed1v2Manchester Utd
Notts Co4v0Nott'm Forest
Manchester City0v1Chelsea
Leeds Utd6v2QPR
Ipswich Town2v3Liverpool
Everton1v1Norwich City
Aston Villa5v0Huddersfield Town
Arsenal7v0Newcastle Utd
Tottenham Hotspur3v1Sheffield Wed
QPR1v2West Ham Utd
Nott'm Forest1v0Arsenal
Norwich City2v2Leeds Utd
Newcastle Utd5v4Everton
Manchester Utd6v0Notts Co
Liverpool5v0Manchester City
Huddersfield Town 0v2Sunderland
Coventry City1v4Aston Villa
Chelsea1v1Ipswich Town
West Ham Utd3v0Huddersfield Town
Sunderland0v2Manchester Utd
Sheffield Wed2v0QPR
Notts Co1v2Norwich City
Manchester City0v1Newcastle Utd
Leeds Utd1v2Chelsea
Ipswich Town5v0Nott'm Forest
Everton4v5Tottenham Hotspur
Aston Villa1v0Liverpool
Arsenal1v0Coventry City
West Ham Utd1v2Sheffield Wed
Notts Co0v5Everton
Norwich City3v3Manchester Utd
Newcastle Utd1v3Nott'm Forest
Manchester City1v1Aston Villa
Huddersfield Town 1v1Coventry City
Liverpool1v2Tottenham Hotspur
Leeds Utd2v2Sunderland
Arsenal2v1Ipswich Town
Tottenham Hotspur0v2Leeds Utd
Sunderland2v3Norwich City
Sheffield Wed1v1Arsenal
Nott'm Forest1v2QPR
Manchester Utd2v0Liverpool
Ipswich Town2v0Manchester City
Everton6v0West Ham Utd
Coventry City0v2Newcastle Utd
Chelsea2v0Huddersfield Town
Aston Villa5v1Notts Co
West Ham Utd3v1Ipswich Town
Notts Co1v2Tottenham Hotspur
Norwich City0v3Aston Villa
Newcastle Utd4v5Chelsea
Manchester City3v2Coventry City
Liverpool1v2Nott'm Forest
Leeds Utd3v0Sheffield Wed
Huddersfield Town 1v3Manchester Utd
Liverpool2v1Huddersfield Town
West Ham Utd1v0Norwich City
Nott'm Forest1v0Sunderland
Newcastle Utd0v5Manchester Utd
Manchester City1v2Notts Co
Ipswich Town0v5Aston Villa
Huddersfield Town 2v1Leeds Utd
Everton5v0Coventry City
Chelsea1v0Sheffield Wed
Arsenal1v0Tottenham Hotspur
Tottenham Hotspur2v1Ipswich Town
Sheffield Wed1v0Newcastle Utd
Notts Co2v1QPR
Norwich City3v1Manchester City
Manchester Utd1v0Nott'm Forest
Leeds Utd5v2Arsenal
Coventry City0v3Chelsea
Aston Villa3v0West Ham Utd
West Ham Utd2v4Manchester Utd
QPR2v0Norwich City
Nott'm Forest1v1Tottenham Hotspur
Newcastle Utd2v1Sunderland
Manchester City0v3Leeds Utd
Ipswich Town1v1Coventry City
Huddersfield Town 4v2Notts Co
Everton1v0Sheffield Wed
Arsenal0v1Aston Villa
Aston Villa3v0QPR
Chelsea2v0Notts Co
Coventry City0v4Leeds Utd
Everton4v1Manchester City
Ipswich Town0v0Norwich City
Manchester Utd1v0Arsenal
Nott'm Forest3v0Huddersfield Town
Sheffield Wed0v4Liverpool
Sunderland2v6West Ham Utd
Tottenham Hotspur3v2Newcastle Utd
Sheffield Wed0v1Nott'm Forest
Norwich City0v2Chelsea
Notts Co3v3Newcastle Utd
Leeds Utd3v0West Ham Utd
Coventry City0v1QPR
Notts Co1v0West Ham Utd
Coventry City0v2Manchester Utd
Chelsea1v0Nott'm Forest
West Ham Utd1v1Manchester City
QPR0v1Newcastle Utd
Nott'm Forest1v0Coventry City
Manchester Utd0v1Chelsea
Leeds Utd5v0Notts Co
Tottenham Hotspur5v2Huddersfield Town
Sunderland1v2Manchester City
Manchester Utd1v1Ipswich Town
Aston Villa0v0Everton
Sheffield Wed0v1Ipswich Town
Norwich City0v0Huddersfield Town
Newcastle Utd2v4Liverpool
Manchester City0v2Tottenham Hotspur
Everton1v1Leeds Utd
Aston Villa5v0Sunderland
Tottenham Hotspur1v3Aston Villa
Sunderland2v1Sheffield Wed
Liverpool2v2Norwich City
Huddersfield Town 1v2Arsenal
Everton1v1Ipswich Town

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