Empire Ping Pong Championship

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Charles Harris8701164115497
2Ben Power550010976335
3Michael Harris840414414224
4Nedim Malic8305142155-133
5Jonathan Haste32015948112
6Peter Stach10208158206-482
7James Grant3102565601
8Alex Williamson 21013741-41
9Daniel Kunjasich 510475105-301
10Peter Kolokithas00000000

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Charles Harris21v13Daniel Kunjasich
Charles Harris21v15James Grant
Daniel Kunjasich 21v17Charles Harris
Ben Power25v23Daniel Kunjasich
Ben Power21v1Daniel Kunjasich
Ben Power21v17Daniel Kunjasich
Michael Harris21v18Peter Stach
Peter Stach21v19Nedim Malic
Michael Harris21v15Peter Stach
Michael Harris21v15Nedim Malic
Michael Harris21v10Peter Stach
Nedim Malic21v17Michael Harris
Nedim Malic21v16Peter Stach
Charles Harris21v11Peter Stach
Charles Harris21v15Alex Williamson
Alex Williamson 22v20James Grant
James Grant21v13Peter Stach
Charles Harris21v7Michael Harris
Charles Harris21v16Peter Stach
Jonathan Haste21v9Nedim Malic
Ben Power21v18Michael Harris
Charles Harris21v17Nedim Malic
Peter Stach21v19Nedim Malic
Nedim Malic21v17Peter Stach
Ben Power21v17Jonathan Haste
Jonathan Haste21v18Michael Harris

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