Emerald Division 15/16

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Welwyn Pegasus88004114024
2Harpenden Thunder86201721520
3Cheshunt Ambers94232820814
4Bury Rangers84131616013
5Broomfield Blues84042012812
6Harlow Falcons84041812612
7Ware Blues93332027-712
9Broxbourne Borough8215513-87
10Wormley Reds9207324-216
11Chase Side7115724-174
12Sumners Cobras11006063
13St Albans South4004332-290

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Broomfield Blues6v1Ware Blues
Sumners Cobras6v0Wormley Reds
Bury Rangers0v5Welwyn Pegasus
Chase Side1v2Norsemen
Harpenden Thunder1v0Harlow Falcons
Cheshunt Ambers1v0Broxbourne Borough
Ware Blues3v2Bury Rangers
Wormley Reds0v5Broomfield Blues
Welwyn Pegasus7v0Chase Side
Norsemen0v1Harpenden Thunder
Harlow Falcons1v0Cheshunt Ambers
Welwyn Pegasus6v0Wormley Reds
Bury Rangers1v0Norsemen
Broxbourne Borough0v0Harpenden Thunder
Cheshunt Ambers3v3Ware Blues
Chase Side0v6Harlow Falcons
Broxbourne Borough1v0Wormley Reds
Wormley Reds1v0Cheshunt Ambers
Bury Rangers4v1Broxbourne Borough
Ware Blues1v1Chase Side
Norsemen4v2Harlow Falcons
Broomfield Blues0v1Welwyn Pegasus
Welwyn Pegasus5v0Ware Blues
Harpenden Thunder1v1Bury Rangers
Harlow Falcons3v0Broomfield Blues
Cheshunt Ambers5v2Chase Side
St Albans South0v11Welwyn Pegasus
Ware Blues1v4Harpenden Thunder
Norsemen0v1Wormley Reds
Chase Side0v2Broxbourne Borough
Broomfield Blues5v2Cheshunt Ambers
Cheshunt Ambers8v1St Albans South
Wormley Reds1v3Chase Side
Welwyn Pegasus2v1Harlow Falcons
Harpenden Thunder2v0Norsemen
Bury Rangers1v4Ware Blues
Broxbourne Borough0v4Broomfield Blues
St Albans South2v6Bury Rangers
Ware Blues4v4Cheshunt Ambers
Norsemen1v0Broxbourne Borough
Harlow Falcons2v0Wormley Reds
Broomfield Blues0v1Harpenden Thunder
Harpenden Thunder7v0St Albans South
Wormley Reds0v1Bury Rangers
Welwyn Pegasus4v0Broomfield Blues
Cheshunt Ambers5v3Harlow Falcons
Broxbourne Borough1v3Ware Blues

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