Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Scrambled Legs880043142924
2NI Polio Saints860241152618
3Boccia Queens851250203016
4The Rollers841330201013
5Fermanagh Flyers84132338-1513
6Ballyclare Beauties840439231612
7The Randoms83142337-1410
8Mid Ulster Sizzlers93062339-169
9NIPF Sinners82242233-118
10The Jacks92072248-266
11Fermanagh Lakers81072049-293

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NIPF Sinners2v2The Randoms
Ballyclare Beauties3v4Scrambled Legs
Mid Ulster Sizzlers4v3Fermanagh Lakers
Boccia Queens4v4NIPF Sinners
The Jacks1v6NI Polio Saints
The Rollers6v1The Jacks
Fermanagh Flyers6v3Ballyclare Beauties
Scrambled Legs6v1NI Polio Saints
The Rollers6v2Mid Ulster Sizzlers
Boccia Queens3v4Fermanagh Flyers
Ballyclare Beauties8v2The Randoms
Fermanagh Lakers0v10NI Polio Saints
Boccia Queens8v1The Jacks
Scrambled Legs7v1The Randoms
Fermanagh Flyers5v2Mid Ulster Sizzlers
Fermanagh Flyers6v3Fermanagh Lakers
Ballyclare Beauties3v6Boccia Queens
Scrambled Legs4v1Fermanagh Lakers
NIPF Sinners0v5The Rollers
Mid Ulster Sizzlers4v1The Jacks
Ballyclare Beauties6v0NIPF Sinners
Fermanagh Flyers0v6NI Polio Saints
The Randoms5v3Fermanagh Lakers
Fermanagh Lakers8v3The Jacks
Mid Ulster Sizzlers3v7Scrambled Legs
The Rollers2v2Fermanagh Flyers
The Randoms3v2The Rollers
Mid Ulster Sizzlers3v5NIPF Sinners
Fermanagh Lakers2v9Boccia Queens
Ballyclare Beauties6v0NI Polio Saints
Scrambled Legs6v1The Jacks
Scrambled Legs4v3The Rollers
The Jacks5v2Ballyclare Beauties
Ballyclare Beauties8v0Fermanagh Lakers
Mid Ulster Sizzlers3v2The Randoms
The Randoms0v12Boccia Queens
NIPF Sinners1v5Scrambled Legs
NI Polio Saints8v0NIPF Sinners
The Jacks0v8The Randoms
Fermanagh Flyers0v10NIPF Sinners
Boccia Queens5v2Mid Ulster Sizzlers
The Rollers4v3Boccia Queens
Mid Ulster Sizzlers0v5NI Polio Saints
The Rollers2v5NI Polio Saints
Fermanagh Flyers0v9The Jacks