Elitesman League

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2Ryesli Rangers00000000
3Queensborough Athletic00000000
4Oakwood Market00000000
5Southpaw Albion00000000
6Stanford Swifts00000000
7Wolf Grey Wednesday00000000
8West Perwich Wanderers00000000
9Thornhampton Roses00000000
10New Mill United00000000
11Mulleroe Musketeers00000000
12Cloverking City00000000
14Bluewood Badgers00000000
15East Perwich Eagles00000000
16Edene Gardens00000000
17Knightsbury United00000000
18Honeymarsh United00000000
19Goosemartyr Ash00000000
20Bees & Swords County00000000
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