Elite Rocket League

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Furries Hove Albion860255223318
2Treveready City860252193318
3Dinger Park Rangers860249212818
4Myosotis Palace82061949-306
5Pye Makers Utd80081074-640

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Dinger Park Rangers5v4Furries Hove Albion
Pye Makers Utd2v12Treveready City
Furries Hove Albion5v4Dinger Park Rangers
Myosotis Palace2v8Furries Hove Albion
Treveready City1v4Dinger Park Rangers
Pye Makers Utd1v4Myosotis Palace
Treveready City0v5Furries Hove Albion
Treveready City7v0Myosotis Palace
Pye Makers Utd1v10Dinger Park Rangers
Pye Makers Utd3v7Furries Hove Albion
Myosotis Palace0v4Dinger Park Rangers
Treveready City12v0Pye Makers Utd
Furries Hove Albion10v2Myosotis Palace
Dinger Park Rangers2v4Treveready City
Furries Hove Albion4v6Treveready City
Myosotis Palace5v1Pye Makers Utd
Myosotis Palace2v10Treveready City
Dinger Park Rangers12v2Pye Makers Utd
Furries Hove Albion12v0Pye Makers Utd
Dinger Park Rangers8v4Myosotis Palace

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