Elite members

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1M Oliver00000000
2M Williams00000000
3K Robinson00000000
4K Parsons00000000
6K Johnstone00000000
7N Gill00000000
8N Brierton00000000
9S Birtles00000000
10S Whelan00000000
11S Beevers00000000
12R Forshaw00000000
13P Bluck00000000
14J Walker00000000
15J Porter00000000
16D Sayle00000000
17D Ward00000000
18D Edwards00000000
19B Lear00000000
20A McCullagh00000000
21E Gargan00000000
22E Gittins00000000
23J Gibson00000000
24J Parrington00000000
25J Christie00000000
26I Tyrer00000000
27F Butler00000000
28A Ferguson00000000
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