Elite League 2

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Peaceport United1292126131329
2Sowton Dockers 1274126161025
3Northhill FC126422315822
4Rollston Athletic 125522015520
5Palm FC124442219316
6Eastown FC122731719-213
7Sowton FC123451218-613
8Middletown Celtice FC122641115-412
9Reddon Isles FC112541618-211
10Rollston Town FC112451623-710
11Eastport FC121651321-89
12Locki Lumino SFCC120571424-105

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Northhill FC2v0Sowton FC
Northhill FC2v1Reddon Isles FC
Sowton FC1v1Reddon Isles FC
Eastown FC1v0Middletown Celtice FC
Eastport FC1v3Rollston Athletic
Sowton Dockers 2v0Palm FC
Locki Lumino SFCC2v3Peaceport United
Rollston Town FC2v1Locki Lumino SFCC
Eastown FC3v2Eastport FC
Northhill FC0v0Middletown Celtice FC
Palm FC2v0Rollston Athletic
Peaceport United3v1Reddon Isles FC
Sowton Dockers 3v1Sowton FC
Locki Lumino SFCC3v3Eastown FC
Eastport FC1v1Sowton FC
Eastport FC1v1Sowton Dockers
Northhill FC4v1Rollston Town FC
Reddon Isles FC3v1Palm FC
Rollston Athletic 1v1Eastown FC
Middletown Celtice FC3v0Peaceport United
Rollston Town FC1v2Middletown Celtice FC
Locki Lumino SFCC1v1Reddon Isles FC
Palm FC2v2Northhill FC
Rollston Athletic 2v0Sowton FC
Sowton Dockers 1v1Peaceport United
Eastown FC1v1Reddon Isles FC
Eastport FC0v2Rollston Town FC
Palm FC3v0Middletown Celtice FC
Sowton FC2v1Northhill FC
Locki Lumino SFCC1v2Sowton Dockers
Peaceport United1v0Rollston Athletic
Eastown FC2v2Rollston Town FC
Sowton FC2v0Middletown Celtice FC
Palm FC3v0Locki Lumino SFCC
Reddon Isles FC2v0Eastport FC
Sowton Dockers 2v2Rollston Athletic
Peaceport United4v2Northhill FC
Rollston Town FC2v2Reddon Isles FC
Middletown Celtice FC1v1Reddon Isles FC
Locki Lumino SFCC1v1Sowton FC
Eastown FC1v1Peaceport United
Eastport FC1v3Peaceport United
Rollston Town FC3v3Palm FC
Northhill FC3v2Sowton Dockers
Rollston Athletic 4v2Middletown Celtice FC
Locki Lumino SFCC1v2Eastport FC
Peaceport United3v0Rollston Town FC
Northhill FC1v1Rollston Athletic
Sowton Dockers 3v1Reddon Isles FC
Middletown Celtice FC1v1Locki Lumino SFCC
Palm FC2v2Eastport FC
Sowton FC2v1Eastown FC
Sowton FC2v2Rollston Town FC
Rollston Athletic 2v1Rollston Town FC
Sowton Dockers 2v0Rollston Town FC
Locki Lumino SFCC1v1Rollston Athletic
Peaceport United3v1Palm FC
Middletown Celtice FC1v1Eastport FC
Eastown FC0v2Northhill FC
Rollston Athletic 3v2Reddon Isles FC
Palm FC2v0Sowton FC
Sowton Dockers 4v3Eastown FC
Locki Lumino SFCC1v3Northhill FC
Eastport FC1v1Northhill FC
Sowton FC0v2Peaceport United
Middletown Celtice FC1v1Sowton Dockers
Eastown FC1v1Palm FC
Palm FC2v3Sowton Dockers
Eastport FC1v1Rollston Athletic
Middletown Celtice FC0v0Eastown FC
Peaceport United2v1Locki Lumino SFCC

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