Elite 2015/2016

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1J Parrington1913511751294
2P Bluck1812421661086
3T Gittins2361161717075
4J Christie16853138566
5D Sayle15915106462
6S Beevers15744107358
7J Porter12732105553
8A Ferguson1471687151
9A McCullagh1072193649
10N Gill15537810-246
11S Whelan16439712-542
13J Walker172411615-935
14K Parsons832344027
16F Butler1022648-424
18I Tyrer623154122
19B Lear311122010
20K Robinson801718-710
22N Brierton402224-28
23S Birtles302123-17
24D Edwards501415-47
25M Oliver500505-55
26M Williams10100003
27J Gibson300303-33
28K Johnstone100101-11
29R Forshaw00000000
30E Gargan00000000
31D Ward00000000

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A Ferguson1v1T Gittins
A McCullagh1v0James
P Bluck1v0K Johnstone
J Christie1v0Snooty
J Parrington1v0K Parsons
P Bluck1v0Ignore
S Whelan1v1James
J Parrington1v1Snooty
J Christie1v0Opie
Opie1v0F Butler
S Beevers1v0J Christie
D Sayle1v0Snooty
N Gill1v0P Bluck
A McCullagh1v1Ignore
A McCullagh1v0Ignore
J Parrington1v0T Gittins
D Sayle1v0J Walker
A Ferguson1v0J Parrington
P Bluck1v0S Whelan
James1v0T Gittins
J Christie1v1J Porter
S Beevers1v0N Gill
Snooty1v0K Robinson
T Gittins1v1J Walker
D Sayle1v0J Porter
J Christie1v0S Whelan
P Bluck1v0A Ferguson
J Parrington1v0M Oliver
S Beevers1v0N Brierton
S Beevers1v1Ignore
J Christie1v0K Robinson
B Lear1v0J Walker
J Porter1v0T Gittins
I Tyrer1v1N Gill
P Bluck1v0S Whelan
K Parsons1v0D Sayle
F Butler1v0N Gill
K Parsons1v0K Robinson
T Gittins1v1B Lear
I Tyrer1v1J Parrington
P Bluck1v0J Porter
A McCullagh1v0J Walker
D Sayle1v0S Beevers
S Whelan1v0A Ferguson
T Gittins1v1A McCullagh
J Walker1v1K Parsons
P Bluck1v1Ignore
S Beevers1v0K Robinson
Snooty1v0N Gill
J Christie1v0B Lear
J Parrington1v0James
A Ferguson1v0S Whelan
N Gill1v0D Sayle
J Parrington1v0J Walker
T Gittins1v1Ignore
I Tyrer1v0K Robinson
F Butler1v1N Brierton
J Porter1v0S Beevers
J Christie1v0S Whelan
P Bluck1v1J Christie
J Parrington1v0J Walker
T Gittins1v0N Brierton
A Ferguson1v0A McCullagh
A McCullagh1v0Ignore
T Gittins1v0A Ferguson
J Christie1v1N Brierton
James1v0N Gill
S Beevers1v1F Butler
P Bluck1v0S Whelan
J Porter1v0K Robinson
S Beevers1v0A Ferguson
J Parrington1v0N Gill
T Gittins1v0J Christie
P Bluck1v0K Robinson
T Gittins1v0A Ferguson
S Birtles1v1J Porter
J Parrington1v0Opie
P Bluck1v0Ignore
Ignore1v0F Butler
S Whelan1v0J Walker
J Walker1v0D Sayle
A Ferguson1v0J Gibson
N Gill1v1T Gittins
J Christie1v1P Bluck
S Whelan1v0D Edwards
J Walker1v1James
S Whelan1v1T Gittins
P Bluck1v1D Edwards
D Sayle1v0N Gill
S Beevers1v0S Birtles
J Parrington1v0J Gibson
I Tyrer1v0K Parsons
James1v0J Walker
A Ferguson1v0J Gibson
S Beevers1v0J Christie
D Sayle1v0M Oliver
J Parrington1v0T Gittins
K Robinson1v1D Sayle
T Gittins1v1J Porter
J Walker1v1Ignore
J Parrington1v0F Butler
T Gittins1v1S Beevers
J Porter1v0M Oliver
D Sayle1v0Ignore
N Gill1v0A Ferguson
S Whelan1v0F Butler
P Bluck1v0T Gittins
A McCullagh1v0K Parsons
T Gittins1v0J Walker
Ignore1v0J Walker
P Bluck1v0N Gill
J Christie1v0D Sayle
J Parrington1v0D Sayle
T Gittins1v1N Gill
J Parrington1v1I Tyrer
A McCullagh1v0S Whelan
A Ferguson1v0F Butler
P Bluck1v0Ignore
N Gill1v0J Walker
T Gittins1v0S Beevers
S Birtles1v1J Parrington
F Butler1v0D Edwards
A McCullagh1v0I Tyrer
J Porter1v0P Bluck
K Parsons1v0S Whelan
K Parsons0v0M Williams
J Parrington0v0S Beevers
J Walker1v0M Oliver
D Sayle1v0F Butler
T Gittins1v1J Christie
J Porter1v0S Whelan
A Ferguson1v0D Edwards
J Porter1v0T Gittins
N Gill1v0S Beevers
S Whelan1v1Ignore
J Parrington1v0J Walker
J Christie1v0D Edwards
D Sayle1v0M Oliver

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