Elite 2013/14

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1S Whelan199551410474
2J Christie208571312170
3T Gittins2466121218-666
4A Ferguson151005105565
5R Palmer13913104660
6S Beevers14833116560
7I Tyrer1371586250
8J Walker16547911-249
9D Sayle1263396348
10J Mwenechanya1354498146
11D Edwards1162385345
12J Porter1043376136
13M Oliver942365133
15N Gill171313416-1228
16A McCullagh732254126
17F Butler831445-125
18T Conway731344024
19K Johnstone431041321
20B Lear921637-421
21J Gibson522143119
22E Snape Parry713346-218
23J Parrington421132116
24S Birtles320121113
25R Tyndall320121113
26K Parsons311122010
27B Livesley700707-77
28P Grannon11001016
29J Kane11001016
30K Leay11001016
31N Charmichael20202206
32N Brierton10101103
34N Murray200202-22
35J Rice100101-11
36A Whitehead100101-11
37S Moxon Brown00000000
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S Whelan1v1J Christie
J Walker1v0T Gittins
T Conway1v0J Parrington
T Conway1v0B Lear
A McCullagh1v1Ignore
J Walker1v0N Gill
I Tyrer1v1T Gittins
A Ferguson1v0J Christie
A Ferguson1v0T Gittins
J Kane1v0J Gibson
S Beevers1v1Ignore
R Palmer1v0B Livesley
P Grannon1v0B Lear
A McCullagh1v0S Whelan
A Ferguson1v0D Edwards
F Butler1v0N Gill
J Mwenechanya1v1Ignore
R Tyndall1v0R Palmer
J Walker1v0B Livesley
S Whelan1v0T Gittins
S Whelan1v1J Porter
T Gittins1v0I Tyrer
R Tyndall1v0J Mwenechanya
J Parrington1v0J Walker
J Christie1v0S Beevers
S Beevers1v0J Walker
R Palmer1v0N Murray
J Christie1v1Ignore
D Edwards1v0R Tyndall
I Tyrer1v0B Livesley
N Gill1v1T Conway
S Whelan1v1T Gittins
J Christie1v0D Sayle
J Parrington1v1T Gittins
J Mwenechanya1v0B Livesley
N Gill1v1Ignore
S Whelan1v0A Ferguson
N Gill1v0T Gittins
J Christie1v0F Butler
D Sayle1v1Ignore
I Tyrer1v0J Walker
S Beevers1v1J Porter
J Mwenechanya1v0T Conway
S Whelan1v0D Edwards
R Palmer1v0N Murray
J Mwenechanya1v0J Christie
D Sayle1v0N Gill
A McCullagh1v0B Livesley
M Oliver1v0I Tyrer
D Edwards1v1J Porter
S Whelan1v0T Gittins
A Ferguson1v0D Sayle
T Gittins1v0J Mwenechanya
J Christie1v1F Butler
S Beevers1v0N Gill
J Porter1v0Opie
B Lear1v0F Butler
T Conway1v0S Birtles
D Sayle1v0T Gittins
K Johnstone1v0I Tyrer
J Mwenechanya1v1M Oliver
A Ferguson1v0B Livesley
S Beevers1v0N Gill
T Gittins1v1Ignore
K Johnstone1v0A Ferguson
J Christie1v0D Sayle
R Palmer1v0B Lear
J Mwenechanya1v1S Whelan
J Christie1v0T Conway
R Palmer1v0K Parsons
J Porter1v0T Gittins
S Whelan1v0A Ferguson
F Butler1v0N Gill
D Sayle1v0I Tyrer
D Edwards1v0J Walker
Ignore1v0J Christie
K Johnstone1v0B Lear
M Oliver1v0T Gittins
S Beevers1v0F Butler
S Birtles1v0J Mwenechanya
S Whelan1v1N Brierton
N Gill1v1E Snape Parry
A McCullagh1v0R Palmer
E Snape Parry1v1J Walker
S Beevers1v1J Christie
T Gittins1v1K Johnstone
J Porter1v0B Lear
I Tyrer1v0N Gill
R Palmer1v0Ignore
A Ferguson1v0S Whelan
D Edwards1v1D Sayle
R Palmer1v1J Gibson
N Charmichael1v1A McCullagh
J Walker1v1D Sayle
J Gibson1v1E Snape Parry
J Walker1v1Ignore
K Parsons1v0A Whitehead
I Tyrer1v0Ignore
J Gibson1v0N Gill
D Sayle1v0Opie
S Whelan1v0J Porter
T Gittins1v0J Christie
I Tyrer1v0N Gill
J Christie1v0J Mwenechanya
S Beevers1v0M Oliver
A Ferguson1v0T Gittins
J Parrington1v0B Livesley
F Butler1v0N Gill
J Christie1v0J Walker
S Beevers1v0A Ferguson
S Birtles1v0J Porter
J Gibson1v0E Snape Parry
E Snape Parry1v0Ignore
J Porter1v0E Snape Parry
B Lear1v0E Snape Parry
B Lear1v1J Christie
D Sayle1v0J Christie
D Sayle1v0J Christie
I Tyrer1v0J Christie
J Christie1v0B Lear
S Beevers1v0I Tyrer
J Mwenechanya1v0S Beevers
J Walker1v1J Mwenechanya
J Walker1v0S Beevers
M Oliver1v0J Walker
R Palmer1v0J Walker
R Palmer1v0M Oliver
A Ferguson1v0M Oliver
A Ferguson1v0S Whelan
S Whelan1v0R Palmer
S Whelan1v0A Ferguson
T Gittins1v1M Oliver
T Gittins1v0S Whelan
T Gittins1v0S Whelan
D Edwards1v0T Gittins
D Edwards1v0T Gittins
D Edwards1v0T Gittins
K Leay1v0D Edwards
N Charmichael1v1K Parsons
I Tyrer1v0J Porter
S Beevers1v0N Gill
J Mwenechanya1v0N Gill
J Walker1v0N Gill
M Oliver1v0A McCullagh
R Palmer1v0A McCullagh
A Ferguson1v0J Rice
S Whelan1v0F Butler
T Gittins1v0T Conway
D Edwards1v0Opie

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