ELE League u14 Red Division

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Sporting Bengal43102742310
2White Star Red43101431110
4Centre SA3300121119
5Elite Pro Sports5203141226
6FC Vestry Academy420210826
7Clissold Rangers42021316-36
8CM Futsal311168-24
9East Ham4103911-23
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Clissold Rangers2v6Vallance
Centre SA7v1Asianos
White Star Red3v0FC Vestry Academy
CM Futsal4v3Elite Pro Sports
Sporting Bengal10v0Aldersbrook
Clissold Rangers3v1East Ham
FC Vestry Academy4v2East Ham
Clissold Rangers6v3Asianos
Aldersbrook0v3Elite Pro Sports
Elite Pro Sports0v3Centre SA
Vallance2v2Sporting Bengal
East Ham2v3White Star Red
Sporting Bengal9v0Asianos
Vallance3v2Elite Pro Sports
CM Futsal1v1White Star Red
FC Vestry Academy6v1Aldersbrook
Aldersbrook0v7White Star Red
Elite Pro Sports6v2Asianos
East Ham4v1CM Futsal
Clissold Rangers2v6Sporting Bengal
Centre SA2v0FC Vestry Academy

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