EFA Premiership Division

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1La Horquetta SA107212081223
2W.A.S.A. F.C.106402071322
3SKHY F.C.10532157818
4Carib F.C.9513118316
5F.C. Maloney1043399015
6T&T Prisons F.C.1042429161314
7Valtrin United94141520-513
8Tunapuna Titans1033489-112
9La Horquetta XF83231819-111
10Joe Public F.C.101451015-57
11Boss F.C.10208729-226
12St. John's United8017520-151

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Carib F.C.1v0Tunapuna Titans
La Horquetta SA3v0Boss F.C.
La Horquetta XF5v2Valtrin United
La Horquetta SA3v0Tunapuna Titans
Carib F.C.1v3Boss F.C.
Joe Public F.C.2v0Boss F.C.
Joe Public F.C.1v3La Horquetta XF
Valtrin United2v1Joe Public F.C.
T&T Prisons F.C.9v0Boss F.C.
F.C. Maloney1v0Tunapuna Titans
F.C. Maloney0v0T&T Prisons F.C.
La Horquetta SA3v2T&T Prisons F.C.
La Horquetta SA1v0St. John's United
La Horquetta SA1v1La Horquetta XF
W.A.S.A. F.C.2v2Joe Public F.C.
W.A.S.A. F.C.4v0Valtrin United
Tunapuna Titans2v0Boss F.C.
Valtrin United1v4La Horquetta SA
Carib F.C.0v0Joe Public F.C.
T&T Prisons F.C.7v1St. John's United
La Horquetta XF4v1F.C. Maloney
Carib F.C.3v1F.C. Maloney
Valtrin United4v2T&T Prisons F.C.
W.A.S.A. F.C.5v3La Horquetta XF
Tunapuna Titans3v1St. John's United
SKHY F.C.1v2La Horquetta SA
Tunapuna Titans1v0SKHY F.C.
SKHY F.C.4v0Boss F.C.
W.A.S.A. F.C.0v0SKHY F.C.
Boss F.C.2v4Valtrin United
Joe Public F.C.0v1F.C. Maloney
F.C. Maloney1v0St. John's United
W.A.S.A. F.C.1v1Tunapuna Titans
SKHY F.C.2v1Carib F.C.
SKHY F.C.1v0Joe Public F.C.
T&T Prisons F.C.5v1La Horquetta XF
Carib F.C.1v0St. John's United
W.A.S.A. F.C.1v0La Horquetta SA
F.C. Maloney3v0Boss F.C.
La Horquetta XF1v4SKHY F.C.
T&T Prisons F.C.0v2Carib F.C.
St. John's United1v3W.A.S.A. F.C.
Joe Public F.C.1v1Tunapuna Titans
SKHY F.C.1v0F.C. Maloney
Valtrin United0v1Carib F.C.
W.A.S.A. F.C.3v0T&T Prisons F.C.
Tunapuna Titans0v0La Horquetta XF
Boss F.C.2v0St. John's United
F.C. Maloney1v1La Horquetta SA
La Horquetta SA2v1Carib F.C.
Joe Public F.C.1v3T&T Prisons F.C.
SKHY F.C.1v1Valtrin United
Boss F.C.0v1W.A.S.A. F.C.
Valtrin United1v0Tunapuna Titans
T&T Prisons F.C.1v1SKHY F.C.
F.C. Maloney0v0W.A.S.A. F.C.
St. John's United2v2Joe Public F.C.

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