Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Poet & Castle1512032176180836824
3Foresters Arms1511042105180629922
4Greasley Miners Welfare15501017492098-34910
5Greasley Castle15301217322186-4546
6Three Tuns15301217162190-4746

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Poet & Castle131v172Wellington
Foresters Arms150v99Greasley Miners Welfare
Greasley Castle131v112Three Tuns
Poet & Castle130v109Foresters Arms
Greasley Miners Welfare102v145Greasley Castle
Wellington164v117Three Tuns
Foresters Arms148v114Greasley Castle
Three Tuns107v120Poet & Castle
Wellington161v126Greasley Miners Welfare
Poet & Castle143v126Greasley Miners Welfare
Greasley Castle107v134Wellington
Three Tuns93v167Foresters Arms
Foresters Arms122v145Wellington
Poet & Castle130v148Greasley Castle
Greasley Miners Welfare135v103Three Tuns
Wellington142v158Poet & Castle
Greasley Miners Welfare136v140Foresters Arms
Three Tuns145v97Greasley Castle
Three Tuns120v182Wellington
Greasley Castle86v149Greasley Miners Welfare
Foresters Arms121v139Poet & Castle
Greasley Castle119v153Foresters Arms
Greasley Miners Welfare70v176Wellington
Poet & Castle177v99Three Tuns
Wellington171v106Greasley Castle
Greasley Miners Welfare68v166Poet & Castle
Foresters Arms123v118Three Tuns
Three Tuns116v151Greasley Miners Welfare
Wellington131v132Foresters Arms
Greasley Castle87v166Poet & Castle
Foresters Arms129v130Greasley Miners Welfare
Poet & Castle148v139Wellington
Greasley Castle129v161Three Tuns
Greasley Miners Welfare147v121Greasley Castle
Poet & Castle132v137Foresters Arms
Wellington158v105Three Tuns
Three Tuns106v176Poet & Castle
Wellington202v65Greasley Miners Welfare
Foresters Arms173v101Greasley Castle
Poet & Castle139v128Greasley Miners Welfare
Wellington174v122Greasley Castle
Three Tuns93v163Foresters Arms
Greasley Miners Welfare117v121Three Tuns
Poet & Castle121v119Greasley Castle
Foresters Arms138v126Wellington

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