EC Central Division

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Seattle Hurricanes108021951306524
2Indiana Pacers107031971583921
3Detroit Pistons106041921652718
4Cleveland Cavaliers10406170182-1212
5Chicago Bulls10307149173-249
6Milwaukee Bucks10208105200-956
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Indiana Pacers20v23Detroit Pistons
Seattle Hurricanes20v6Milwaukee Bucks
Chicago Bulls17v20Cleveland Cavaliers
Chicago Bulls16v20Indiana Pacers
Milwaukee Bucks22v20Detroit Pistons
Cleveland Cavaliers16v20Seattle Hurricanes
Milwaukee Bucks16v20Chicago Bulls
Detroit Pistons19v20Indiana Pacers
Seattle Hurricanes17v20Cleveland Cavaliers
Chicago Bulls10v20Indiana Pacers
Seattle Hurricanes20v1Milwaukee Bucks
Detroit Pistons18v20Cleveland Cavaliers
Detroit Pistons21v18Chicago Bulls
Indiana Pacers18v20Seattle Hurricanes
Milwaukee Bucks8v20Cleveland Cavaliers
Indiana Pacers19v20Detroit Pistons
Chicago Bulls14v20Seattle Hurricanes
Cleveland Cavaliers20v22Milwaukee Bucks
Detroit Pistons20v10Milwaukee Bucks
Seattle Hurricanes18v20Indiana Pacers
Cleveland Cavaliers12v20Chicago Bulls
Milwaukee Bucks4v20Chicago Bulls
Indiana Pacers20v16Cleveland Cavaliers
Detroit Pistons11v20Seattle Hurricanes
Milwaukee Bucks6v20Indiana Pacers
Chicago Bulls6v20Detroit Pistons
Cleveland Cavaliers16v20Seattle Hurricanes
Chicago Bulls8v20Seattle Hurricanes
Milwaukee Bucks10v20Detroit Pistons
Cleveland Cavaliers10v20Indiana Pacers

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