Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Cappry Rovers65103592616
2Raphoe Town75112772016
3Drumkeen United64201741314
4Castlefin Celtic6213914-57
5lagan harps62041321-86
6Ballybofey United52031120-96
7Convoy Arsenal7025724-172
8Fintown Harps5014424-201
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Convoy Arsenal1v4Raphoe Town
lagan harps3v4Ballybofey United
Fintown Harps1v1Convoy Arsenal
Drumkeen United2v0Castlefin Celtic
Cappry Rovers3v2Raphoe Town
Ballybofey United1v3Drumkeen United
Raphoe Town7v1Fintown Harps
Castlefin Celtic3v1lagan harps
Convoy Arsenal1v10Cappry Rovers
lagan harps3v1Convoy Arsenal
Drumkeen United0v0Raphoe Town
Castlefin Celtic5v1Fintown Harps
Ballybofey United3v8Cappry Rovers
Raphoe Town4v0Ballybofey United
Fintown Harps1v4lagan harps
Convoy Arsenal0v0Castlefin Celtic
Cappry Rovers2v2Drumkeen United
Cappry Rovers6v0lagan harps
Drumkeen United7v0Fintown Harps
Castlefin Celtic0v4Raphoe Town
Ballybofey United3v2Convoy Arsenal
Cappry Rovers6v1Castlefin Celtic
Raphoe Town6v2lagan harps
Convoy Arsenal1v3Drumkeen United

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