Ea 2014-2015 Vorrunde

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Team Brühl solothurn1192079344529
2Deitingen a1172252272523
3Halten a1171355411422
4Zuchwil a1161440301019
5Post Solothurn a116054042-218
6Biberist a115154650-416
7Luterbacher a114344334915
8Lommiswil a114343830815
9Bettlach a113264955-611
10Solothurn c113085479-259
11Solothurn b112182667-417

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Team Brühl solothurn11v1Solothurn b
Solothurn b4v2Grenchen
Zuchwil a6v1Solothurn c
Biberist a8v6Solothurn c
Team Brühl solothurn7v4Deitingen a
Grenchen6v1Lommiswil a
Bettlach a3v3Team Brühl solothurn
Lommiswil a8v1Halten a
Halten a7v3Solothurn b
Biberist a2v2Lommiswil a
Grenchen4v7Bettlach a
Team Brühl solothurn11v1Post Solothurn a
Solothurn c0v7Deitingen a
Luterbacher a1v4Zuchwil a
Post Solothurn a2v1Luterbacher a
Deitingen a1v5Biberist a
Solothurn b3v2Post Solothurn a
Grenchen3v5Zuchwil a
Luterbacher a2v5Biberist a
Deitingen a9v1Grenchen
Lommiswil a3v5Team Brühl solothurn
Post Solothurn a7v3Solothurn c
Halten a1v1Luterbacher a
Bettlach a2v5Lommiswil a
Lommiswil a7v0Solothurn b
Post Solothurn a6v1Biberist a
Solothurn c4v9Halten a
Zuchwil a2v2Team Brühl solothurn
Luterbacher a6v4Grenchen
Zuchwil a1v6Halten a
Grenchen1v9Halten a
Deitingen a6v2Bettlach a
Solothurn c4v9Luterbacher a
Halten a3v1Biberist a
Grenchen6v5Solothurn c
Bettlach a5v3Zuchwil a
Lommiswil a5v2Post Solothurn a
Solothurn b1v5Deitingen a
Team Brühl solothurn6v4Luterbacher a
Biberist a3v7Zuchwil a
Solothurn b4v4Bettlach a
Biberist a10v3Grenchen
Solothurn c7v11Team Brühl solothurn
Zuchwil a6v2Solothurn b
Post Solothurn a3v6Halten a
Luterbacher a9v4Bettlach a
Post Solothurn a6v2Grenchen
Deitingen a2v2Lommiswil a
Deitingen a6v2Post Solothurn a
Lommiswil a1v3Zuchwil a
Team Brühl solothurn8v2Biberist a
Solothurn b0v6Luterbacher a
Bettlach a8v9Solothurn c
Halten a3v6Deitingen a
Bettlach a3v7Post Solothurn a
Biberist a2v10Bettlach a
Halten a7v12Team Brühl solothurn
Solothurn c10v6Solothurn b
Zuchwil a2v4Deitingen a
Luterbacher a2v2Lommiswil a
Team Brühl solothurn3v0Grenchen
Lommiswil a2v5Solothurn c
Deitingen a2v2Luterbacher a
Zuchwil a1v2Post Solothurn a
Solothurn b2v7Biberist a
Bettlach a1v3Halten a

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