E Saison 13/14 Herbst

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Fc Othmarsingen43014524219
2Villmergen b33003413219
3Veltheim a33002710179
4Birr b32012616106
5Erlinsbach c210168-23
6Seengen c2011610-41
7Seon b40131737-201
8Schinznach- Bad2002911-20
9Rupperswil b30031051-410
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Fc Othmarsingen9v5Seon b
Schinznach- Bad7v8Fc Othmarsingen
Veltheim a6v3Erlinsbach c
Seengen c2v6Villmergen b
Seon b4v8Birr b
Fc Othmarsingen22v3Rupperswil b
Birr b17v0Rupperswil b
Erlinsbach c3v2Schinznach- Bad
Villmergen b16v4Seon b
Fc Othmarsingen6v9Veltheim a
Veltheim a12v1Birr b
Seon b4v4Seengen c
Rupperswil b7v12Villmergen b

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