DRP Premier Dart League

Welcome to the DRP Premier Dart League
Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Lloyd Bingham1164127131422
2Lucas North1063125101521
3Daniel Harris1055025131220
4Christian Evans1155126151120
5Neil Gregory115242019117
6Sebastian Bird113532119214
7Carl Strand104151619-313
8Daniel Spivey114071725-812
9Tomas Breuer113261625-911
10Philip Whitehead113261424-1011
11Daniel Reeve93151319-610
12Jake Healey10028928-192
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Lucas North3v1Sebastian Bird
Neil Gregory2v2Christian Evans
Philip Whitehead3v1Tomas Breuer
Lloyd Bingham3v0Daniel Spivey
Sebastian Bird2v2Lloyd Bingham
Daniel Spivey3v1Jake Healey
Daniel Harris2v2Lucas North
Carl Strand3v0Tomas Breuer
Philip Whitehead0v3Daniel Harris
Jake Healey2v2Sebastian Bird
Tomas Breuer2v2Neil Gregory
Christian Evans1v3Carl Strand
Neil Gregory3v0Philip Whitehead
Christian Evans3v1Daniel Spivey
Lloyd Bingham1v3Daniel Reeve
Sebastian Bird2v2Christian Evans
Sebastian Bird2v2Tomas Breuer
Daniel Reeve2v2Jake Healey
Neil Gregory1v3Daniel Harris
Daniel Harris2v2Lloyd Bingham
Daniel Spivey3v1Philip Whitehead
Tomas Breuer3v1Daniel Spivey
Philip Whitehead0v3Carl Strand
Christian Evans3v0Daniel Reeve
Lucas North1v3Lloyd Bingham
Jake Healey0v3Lucas North
Carl Strand1v3Neil Gregory
Carl Strand2v2Daniel Harris
Philip Whitehead3v0Sebastian Bird
Tomas Breuer0v3Lucas North
Lloyd Bingham3v0Jake Healey
Daniel Reeve3v0Philip Whitehead
Lloyd Bingham3v1Tomas Breuer
Daniel Reeve1v3Tomas Breuer
Daniel Reeve0v3Neil Gregory
Carl Strand3v1Daniel Reeve
Daniel Spivey1v3Daniel Reeve
Daniel Reeve0v3Sebastian Bird
Tomas Breuer3v1Jake Healey
Sebastian Bird3v0Neil Gregory
Lucas North2v2Christian Evans
Christian Evans2v2Lloyd Bingham
Daniel Harris3v0Jake Healey
Daniel Spivey1v3Daniel Harris
Daniel Spivey3v1Carl Strand
Jake Healey1v3Christian Evans
Neil Gregory3v1Daniel Spivey
Lucas North2v2Philip Whitehead
Carl Strand0v3Sebastian Bird
Daniel Harris2v2Christian Evans
Philip Whitehead2v2Lloyd Bingham
Lucas North3v0Neil Gregory
Sebastian Bird1v3Daniel Spivey
Carl Strand0v3Lucas North
Lloyd Bingham3v0Neil Gregory
Sebastian Bird2v2Daniel Harris
Christian Evans3v0Tomas Breuer
Jake Healey1v3Philip Whitehead
Lloyd Bingham3v0Carl Strand
Philip Whitehead0v3Christian Evans
Daniel Harris3v1Tomas Breuer
Lucas North3v0Daniel Spivey
Neil Gregory3v1Jake Healey

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