DRP Premier Dart League

Welcome to the DRP Premier Dart League
Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Christian Evans22006066
2Lucas North22006066
3Lloyd Bingham22006066
4Sebastian Bird21105234
5Daniel Harris21105324
6Philip Whitehead210134-13
7Daniel Gauld210134-13
8Neil Gregory210134-13
9Jake Healey200226-40
10Tomas Breuer200216-50
11Daniel Spivey200216-50
12Carl Strand200206-60

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Carl Strand0v3Lucas North
Lloyd Bingham3v0Neil Gregory
Sebastian Bird2v2Daniel Harris
Christian Evans3v0Tomas Breuer
Jake Healey1v3Philip Whitehead
Daniel Spivey1v3Daniel Gauld
Lloyd Bingham3v0Carl Strand
Philip Whitehead0v3Christian Evans
Daniel Harris3v1Tomas Breuer
Lucas North3v0Daniel Spivey
Daniel Gauld0v3Sebastian Bird
Neil Gregory3v1Jake Healey

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