Doms b

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Eastway a12903105753018
2New tavern12804100802016
3United sports1280498821616
6Poachers b126068892-412
7Sun b125078694-810
8Bar2b A125078199-1810
9Bar2b B1230964104-406

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Scholars9v0Bar2b B
Bar2b B0v9Tap&spile
Eastway a6v9Sun b
Albert7v8Bar2b A
New tavern10v5United sports
Poachers b7v8Scholars
Albert7v8Eastway a
Bar2b A5v10New tavern
United sports10v5Poachers b
Tap&spile10v5Sun b
Eastway a7v8Tap&spile
New tavern11v4Albert
Poachers b5v10Bar2b A
Bar2b B4v11United sports
Sun b7v8Scholars
New tavern7v8Eastway a
Poachers b5v10Albert
Bar2b B10v5Bar2b A
Sun b7v8United sports
New tavern5v10Poachers b
Albert6v9Bar2b B
Bar2b A7v8Sun b
Eastway a7v8Scholars
United sports8v7Tap&spile
Poachers b5v10Eastway a
Bar2b B7v8New tavern
Sun b8v7Albert
Scholars6v9United sports
Tap&spile7v8Bar2b A
Poachers b9v6Bar2b B
New tavern7v8Sun b
Eastway a9v6United sports
Bar2b A4v11Scholars
Bar2b B6v9Eastway a
Sun b8v7Poachers b
United sports7v8Bar2b A
Tap&spile7v8New tavern
Bar2b B8v7Sun b
Eastway a10v5Bar2b A
Albert6v9United sports
New tavern8v7Scholars
Poachers b8v7Tap&spile
Sun b6v9Eastway a
Bar2b A9v6Albert
United sports8v7New tavern
Scholars7v8Poachers b
Tap&spile8v7Bar2b B
New tavern8v7Bar2b A
Eastway a11v4Albert
Poachers b9v6United sports
Bar2b B3v12Scholars
Sun b7v8Tap&spile
Bar2b A5v10Poachers b
United sports11v4Bar2b B
Scholars9v6Sun b
Tap&spile4v11Eastway a
Albert4v11New tavern

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