Division 3

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1David Moffat2200207136
2Nigal kennaugh2200201196
3Barry Davies2101171703
4Karl Cross2101141403
5Andrew Finch2101141403
6Mike Bushell21011213-13
7Kev Murray1001710-30
8John spencer1001510-50
9Nathan Collister1001410-60
10Ben Tootil1001310-70

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Nigal kennaugh10v7Barry Davies
Andrew Finch4v10Karl Cross
David Moffat10v2Mike Bushell
Andrew Finch10v4Nathan Collister
Kev Murray7v10Barry Davies
Mike Bushell10v3Ben Tootil
Nigal kennaugh10v4Karl Cross
David Moffat10v5John spencer

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