Division 2 league summer 2019

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Curtis Marshall 13130091325939
2Arthur Collins 1392284493529
3Jess Hyatt1382380542626
4Jon Plummer 1381476581825
5Tim Hulme1371572581422
6Luke Hartrey 1271463501322
7Anthony Cassidy 1370675571821
8Mark Mills136167164719
9Joshua Bassett 135447069119
10Roy Thompson 125256260217
11Damian Wallace 124447061916
12Jonny Kelly 114255055-514
13Darran Taylor 123456566-113
14Gary Johns123455869-1113
15Joshua Snell124175569-1413
16Matty Robinson 134094878-3012
17Cindy Gaffney1311113383-504
18Bye 2130013091-910

Viewed 24 times

Cindy Gaffney7v0Bye 2
Mark Mills7v0Bye 2
Luke Hartrey 7v0Bye 2
Curtis Marshall 7v0Bye 2
Tim Hulme7v0Bye 2
Darran Taylor 7v0Bye 2
Arthur Collins 7v0Bye 2
Roy Thompson 7v0Bye 2
Anthony Cassidy 7v0Bye 2
Joshua Snell7v0Bye 2
Jon Plummer 7v0Bye 2
Gary Johns7v0Bye 2
Jonny Kelly 7v0Bye 2
Jess Hyatt7v2Matty Robinson
Joshua Bassett 6v6Gary Johns
Joshua Snell7v5Mark Mills
Luke Hartrey 7v5Anthony Cassidy
Curtis Marshall 7v2Roy Thompson
Arthur Collins 7v5Tim Hulme
Jon Plummer 7v4Darran Taylor
Darran Taylor 6v6Roy Thompson
Darran Taylor 7v4Arthur Collins
Tim Hulme7v2Roy Thompson
Curtis Marshall 7v5Anthony Cassidy
Gary Johns6v6Cindy Gaffney
Joshua Bassett 7v5Jonny Kelly
Matty Robinson 7v5Damian Wallace
Jon Plummer 7v3Jess Hyatt
Jess Hyatt7v2Joshua Bassett
Damian Wallace 6v6Jess Hyatt
Joshua Bassett 7v0Matty Robinson
Jonny Kelly 7v2Cindy Gaffney
Mark Mills7v3Gary Johns
Curtis Marshall 7v4Joshua Snell
Anthony Cassidy 7v1Tim Hulme
Arthur Collins 7v2Jon Plummer
Arthur Collins 7v3Joshua Snell
Arthur Collins 7v3Roy Thompson
Anthony Cassidy 7v2Darran Taylor
Tim Hulme7v3Joshua Snell
Gary Johns6v6Luke Hartrey
Jonny Kelly 6v6Mark Mills
Matty Robinson 7v1Cindy Gaffney
Damian Wallace 7v2Jon Plummer
Damian Wallace 7v2Cindy Gaffney
Roy Thompson 7v5Jon Plummer
Luke Hartrey 7v2Jonny Kelly
Joshua Bassett 6v6Damian Wallace
Jess Hyatt7v0Cindy Gaffney
Joshua Snell7v4Darran Taylor
Jonny Kelly 6v6Roy Thompson
Tim Hulme6v6Joshua Bassett
Mark Mills7v5Jess Hyatt
Tim Hulme7v4Damian Wallace
Mark Mills7v3Matty Robinson
Curtis Marshall 7v0Gary Johns
Arthur Collins 7v4Anthony Cassidy
Luke Hartrey 7v3Joshua Bassett
Anthony Cassidy 7v4Roy Thompson
Gary Johns7v5Tim Hulme
Curtis Marshall 7v0Jonny Kelly
Luke Hartrey 7v1Matty Robinson
Jon Plummer 7v2Joshua Bassett
Arthur Collins 7v2Gary Johns
Roy Thompson 7v0Joshua Snell
Jon Plummer 7v1Cindy Gaffney
Joshua Bassett 7v2Cindy Gaffney
Damian Wallace 7v3Mark Mills
Jess Hyatt7v1Luke Hartrey
Curtis Marshall 7v3Matty Robinson
Tim Hulme7v3Jonny Kelly
Darran Taylor 6v6Gary Johns
Anthony Cassidy 7v5Jon Plummer
Joshua Snell7v5Anthony Cassidy
Tim Hulme7v4Matty Robinson
Curtis Marshall 7v4Jess Hyatt
Damian Wallace 7v2Luke Hartrey
Joshua Bassett 7v5Mark Mills
Joshua Bassett 6v6Darran Taylor
Joshua Bassett 7v5Arthur Collins
Jess Hyatt7v3Anthony Cassidy
Matty Robinson 7v5Darran Taylor
Luke Hartrey 7v1Cindy Gaffney
Mark Mills7v3Cindy Gaffney
Curtis Marshall 7v4Damian Wallace
Jess Hyatt7v4Tim Hulme
Arthur Collins 7v0Jonny Kelly
Jon Plummer 6v6Joshua Snell
Matty Robinson 7v4Joshua Snell
Anthony Cassidy 7v3Gary Johns
Arthur Collins 7v4Matty Robinson
Jess Hyatt7v5Darran Taylor
Curtis Marshall 7v4Joshua Bassett
Jon Plummer 7v4Mark Mills
Jon Plummer 7v5Luke Hartrey
Luke Hartrey 7v4Mark Mills
Tim Hulme7v1Cindy Gaffney
Anthony Cassidy 7v0Matty Robinson
Curtis Marshall 7v4Cindy Gaffney
Darran Taylor 6v6Damian Wallace
Arthur Collins 6v6Jess Hyatt
Roy Thompson 7v3Matty Robinson
Jonny Kelly 7v4Anthony Cassidy
Gary Johns7v5Joshua Snell
Jonny Kelly 7v2Joshua Snell
Jess Hyatt7v4Roy Thompson
Damian Wallace 6v6Arthur Collins
Curtis Marshall 7v2Mark Mills
Roy Thompson 7v5Damian Wallace
Curtis Marshall 7v0Luke Hartrey
Mark Mills7v2Tim Hulme
Darran Taylor 7v3Cindy Gaffney
Jon Plummer 7v5Gary Johns

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