Div 2

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Connor Bradshaw1111005374633
2Bradley Ellis1480644271724
3Chris Vano77003633321
4Leon Speck860222121018
5Tom law44001201212
6Tomi Huttunen44001201212
7Justin Wieland44001201212
8Josh Elividge44001201212
9Daniel Cook44001201212
10Reece Watson5401123912
11Marco Martinez6402147712
12Peter Barclay94051452-3812
13Tyler-Jay Chapman282026678-726
14Jamie Hindley282026678-726

Viewed 91 times

Peter Barclay1v7Bradley Ellis
Bradley Ellis8v1Peter Barclay
Tomi Huttunen3v0Tyler-Jay Chapman
Tom law3v0Tyler-Jay Chapman
Reece Watson3v0Tyler-Jay Chapman
Peter Barclay3v0Tyler-Jay Chapman
Marco Martinez3v0Tyler-Jay Chapman
Leon Speck3v0Tyler-Jay Chapman
Justin Wieland3v0Tyler-Jay Chapman
Josh Elividge3v0Tyler-Jay Chapman
Jamie Hindley3v0Tyler-Jay Chapman
Daniel Cook3v0Tyler-Jay Chapman
Connor Bradshaw3v0Tyler-Jay Chapman
Chris Vano3v0Tyler-Jay Chapman
Bradley Ellis3v0Tyler-Jay Chapman
Tyler-Jay Chapman0v3Tomi Huttunen
Tyler-Jay Chapman0v3Tom law
Tyler-Jay Chapman0v3Reece Watson
Tyler-Jay Chapman0v3Peter Barclay
Tyler-Jay Chapman0v3Marco Martinez
Tyler-Jay Chapman0v3Leon Speck
Tyler-Jay Chapman0v3Justin Wieland
Tyler-Jay Chapman0v3Josh Elividge
Tyler-Jay Chapman0v3Jamie Hindley
Tyler-Jay Chapman0v3Daniel Cook
Tyler-Jay Chapman0v3Connor Bradshaw
Tyler-Jay Chapman0v3Chris Vano
Tyler-Jay Chapman0v3Bradley Ellis
Daniel Cook3v0Jamie Hindley
Jamie Hindley0v3Daniel Cook
Jamie Hindley0v3Justin Wieland
Leon Speck3v2Bradley Ellis
Bradley Ellis2v3Leon Speck
Connor Bradshaw5v3Leon Speck
Leon Speck1v3Connor Bradshaw
Bradley Ellis1v2Connor Bradshaw
Connor Bradshaw3v2Bradley Ellis
Connor Bradshaw3v0Reece Watson
Peter Barclay0v13Connor Bradshaw
Connor Bradshaw12v0Peter Barclay
Marco Martinez1v4Bradley Ellis
Bradley Ellis3v1Marco Martinez
Tyler-Jay Chapman3v0Jamie Hindley
Tomi Huttunen3v0Jamie Hindley
Tom law3v0Jamie Hindley
Reece Watson3v0Jamie Hindley
Peter Barclay3v0Jamie Hindley
Marco Martinez3v0Jamie Hindley
Leon Speck3v0Jamie Hindley
Josh Elividge3v0Jamie Hindley
Connor Bradshaw3v0Jamie Hindley
Bradley Ellis3v0Jamie Hindley
Jamie Hindley0v3Tyler-Jay Chapman
Jamie Hindley0v3Tomi Huttunen
Jamie Hindley0v3Tom law
Jamie Hindley0v3Reece Watson
Jamie Hindley0v3Peter Barclay
Jamie Hindley0v3Marco Martinez
Jamie Hindley0v3Leon Speck
Jamie Hindley0v3Justin Wieland
Jamie Hindley0v3Josh Elividge
Jamie Hindley0v3Connor Bradshaw
Jamie Hindley0v3Chris Vano
Jamie Hindley0v3Bradley Ellis
Jamie Hindley0v3Chris Vano
Chris Vano12v0Peter Barclay
Bradley Ellis1v7Chris Vano
Chris Vano5v2Bradley Ellis

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