Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2Burrough's S.C281945184968861
4Red Triangle278217102167-6526
5Red Hoose27512194176-8216
6The Anchor28202666213-1476

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Red Triangle5v5Burrough's S.C
Wheatsheaf10v0Red Hoose
Broch6v4The Anchor
Red Triangle3v7Broch
The Anchor0v10Wheatsheaf
Red Hoose5v5Burrough's S.C
Broch6v4Burrough's S.C
Wheatsheaf8v2Red Triangle
The Anchor3v7Red Hoose
Wheatsheaf6v4Burrough's S.C
Red Triangle7v3The Anchor
Red Hoose2v8Broch
The Anchor2v8Burrough's S.C
Red Triangle10v0Red Hoose
The Anchor0v10Broch
Burrough's S.C9v1Red Triangle
Red Hoose2v8Wheatsheaf
Wheatsheaf9v1The Anchor
Broch5v5Red Triangle
Burrough's S.C7v3Red Hoose
Burrough's S.C5v5Broch
Red Triangle1v9Wheatsheaf
Red Hoose8v2The Anchor
Burrough's S.C2v8Wheatsheaf
The Anchor6v4Red Triangle
Broch6v4Red Hoose
Burrough's S.C7v3The Anchor
Red Hoose4v6Red Triangle
Broch7v3The Anchor
Red Triangle3v7Burrough's S.C
Wheatsheaf9v1Red Hoose
The Anchor4v6Wheatsheaf
Red Triangle4v6Broch
Red Hoose2v8Burrough's S.C
Broch3v7Burrough's S.C
Wheatsheaf7v3Red Triangle
The Anchor2v8Red Hoose
Wheatsheaf7v3Burrough's S.C
Red Triangle7v3The Anchor
Red Hoose4v6Broch
The Anchor0v10Burrough's S.C
Red Triangle6v4Red Hoose
The Anchor0v10Broch
Burrough's S.C6v4Red Triangle
Red Hoose3v7Wheatsheaf
Wheatsheaf10v0The Anchor
Broch7v3Red Triangle
Burrough's S.C10v0Red Hoose
Burrough's S.C3v7Broch
Red Triangle0v10Wheatsheaf
Red Hoose9v1The Anchor
Burrough's S.C6v4Wheatsheaf
The Anchor3v7Red Triangle
Broch7v3Red Hoose
Burrough's S.C10v0The Anchor
Red Hoose4v6Red Triangle
Broch10v0The Anchor
Red Triangle1v9Burrough's S.C
Wheatsheaf7v3Red Hoose
The Anchor2v8Wheatsheaf
Red Triangle1v9Broch
Red Hoose4v6Burrough's S.C
Broch5v5Burrough's S.C
Wheatsheaf9v1Red Triangle
The Anchor3v7Red Hoose
Wheatsheaf4v6Burrough's S.C
Red Triangle5v4The Anchor
Red Hoose4v6Broch
The Anchor2v8Burrough's S.C
The Anchor2v8Broch
Burrough's S.C8v2Red Triangle
Red Hoose3v7Wheatsheaf
Wheatsheaf7v3The Anchor
Broch7v3Red Triangle
Burrough's S.C10v0Red Hoose
Burrough's S.C6v4Broch
Red Triangle2v8Wheatsheaf
Red Hoose0v10The Anchor

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