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Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Cornhill Inn28223323110512669
2Haggs Tavern28213423210412866
4Red Hoose28144101881484046
6Red Triangle2813114169167240
7Bar 20928312486250-16410
8Denny Bowling Club28102749287-2383

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Red Hoose11v1Bar 209
Red Triangle5v7Haggs Tavern
Wheatsheaf4v8Cornhill Inn
Denny Bowling Club0v12Broch
Cornhill Inn12v0Denny Bowling Club
Haggs Tavern8v4Wheatsheaf
Bar 2090v12Red Triangle
Broch4v8Red Hoose
Red Triangle9v3Red Hoose
Wheatsheaf9v3Bar 209
Denny Bowling Club0v12Haggs Tavern
Cornhill Inn9v3Broch
Bar 20912v0Denny Bowling Club
Red Hoose4v8Wheatsheaf
Broch5v7Red Triangle
Haggs Tavern8v4Cornhill Inn
Wheatsheaf7v5Haggs Tavern
Haggs Tavern7v5Wheatsheaf
Haggs Tavern7v5Broch
Cornhill Inn10v2Bar 209
Denny Bowling Club0v12Red Hoose
Wheatsheaf9v3Red Triangle
Red Hoose5v7Cornhill Inn
Bar 2090v12Haggs Tavern
Red Triangle9v3Denny Bowling Club
Broch9v3Bar 209
Haggs Tavern6v6Red Hoose
Cornhill Inn5v7Red Triangle
Wheatsheaf10v2Denny Bowling Club
Broch11v1Denny Bowling Club
Cornhill Inn7v5Wheatsheaf
Haggs Tavern11v1Red Triangle
Bar 2094v8Red Hoose
Red Triangle9v3Bar 209
Red Hoose4v8Broch
Wheatsheaf4v8Haggs Tavern
Denny Bowling Club1v11Cornhill Inn
Broch7v5Cornhill Inn
Haggs Tavern10v2Denny Bowling Club
Bar 2093v9Wheatsheaf
Red Hoose8v4Red Triangle
Cornhill Inn8v4Haggs Tavern
Red Triangle7v5Broch
Wheatsheaf7v5Red Hoose
Denny Bowling Club8v4Bar 209
Broch7v5Haggs Tavern
Bar 2092v10Cornhill Inn
Red Hoose9v3Denny Bowling Club
Red Triangle4v8Wheatsheaf
Cornhill Inn7v5Red Hoose
Haggs Tavern11v1Bar 209
Denny Bowling Club5v7Red Triangle
Bar 2092v10Broch
Red Triangle3v9Cornhill Inn
Red Hoose6v6Haggs Tavern
Denny Bowling Club0v12Wheatsheaf
Denny Bowling Club4v8Broch
Wheatsheaf6v6Cornhill Inn
Red Triangle3v9Haggs Tavern
Red Hoose8v4Bar 209
Broch5v7Red Hoose
Bar 2091v11Red Triangle
Cornhill Inn11v1Denny Bowling Club
Cornhill Inn8v4Broch
Denny Bowling Club1v11Haggs Tavern
Wheatsheaf12v0Bar 209
Red Triangle5v7Red Hoose
Haggs Tavern6v6Cornhill Inn
Broch7v5Red Triangle
Red Hoose6v6Wheatsheaf
Bar 2098v4Denny Bowling Club
Haggs Tavern7v5Broch
Cornhill Inn12v0Bar 209
Denny Bowling Club2v10Red Hoose
Wheatsheaf9v3Red Triangle
Red Hoose4v8Cornhill Inn
Bar 2092v10Haggs Tavern
Red Triangle12v0Denny Bowling Club
Broch9v3Bar 209
Haggs Tavern9v3Red Hoose
Cornhill Inn11v1Red Triangle
Wheatsheaf12v0Denny Bowling Club
Broch9v3Denny Bowling Club
Cornhill Inn6v6Wheatsheaf
Haggs Tavern10v2Red Triangle
Bar 2095v7Red Hoose
Red Hoose8v4Broch
Red Triangle10v2Bar 209
Denny Bowling Club2v10Cornhill Inn
Broch4v8Cornhill Inn
Bar 2095v7Wheatsheaf
Haggs Tavern12v0Denny Bowling Club
Red Hoose6v6Red Triangle
Cornhill Inn7v5Haggs Tavern
Red Triangle3v9Broch
Wheatsheaf4v8Red Hoose
Denny Bowling Club4v8Bar 209
Broch5v7Haggs Tavern
Bar 2091v11Cornhill Inn
Red Hoose11v1Denny Bowling Club
Red Triangle7v5Wheatsheaf
Cornhill Inn7v5Red Hoose
Haggs Tavern11v1Bar 209
Denny Bowling Club2v10Red Triangle
Denny Bowling Club0v12Wheatsheaf
Red Hoose4v8Haggs Tavern
Red Triangle4v8Cornhill Inn
Bar 2096v6Broch

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