CWL Stage 1 N/A

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
3EnVyUs 760126151124
4Luminosity 750226151120
5Team Kaliber75022417720
6Optic Gaming 75022519620
7Evil Geniuses 74032520516
8Cloud 974032520516
9Faze Clan74032521416
10Insomnia 73041823-512
11Complexity 73041824-612
12Red Reserve 71061827-94
13Dream Team71061626-104
15Pnda 7106727-204

Viewed 112 times

Pnda 0v4Renegades
Optic Gaming 4v3Red Reserve
Luminosity 3v4Rise
Insomnia 0v4Team Kaliber
Elevate4v3Evil Geniuses
Dream Team2v4EnVyUs
Complexity 4v3Faze Clan
Cloud 94v2H2K
Pnda 4v3Red Reserve
Optic Gaming 4v2Renegades
Luminosity 3v4Team Kaliber
Insomnia 0v4Rise
Dream Team3v4Evil Geniuses
Complexity 4v2H2K
Cloud 94v3Faze Clan
Pnda 0v4Rise
Optic Gaming 4v3Team Kaliber
Luminosity 4v0Red Reserve
Insomnia 4v2Renegades
Elevate3v4Faze Clan
Dream Team4v2H2K
Complexity 0v4EnVyUs
Cloud 93v4Evil Geniuses
Pnda 0v4Team Kaliber
Optic Gaming 2v4Rise
Luminosity 4v0Renegades
Insomnia 4v3Red Reserve
Dream Team3v4Faze Clan
Complexity 2v4Evil Geniuses
Cloud 93v4EnVyUs
Red Reserve 3v4Team Kaliber
Luminosity 4v3Optic Gaming
Insomnia 4v2Pnda
Evil Geniuses 3v4Faze Clan
EnVyUs 4v0H2K
Complexity 4v3Dream Team
Cloud 93v4Elevate
Renegades3v4Team Kaliber
Red Reserve 2v4Rise
Luminosity 4v1Pnda
Insomnia 3v4Optic Gaming
Evil Geniuses 4v0H2K
EnVyUs 4v3Faze Clan
Complexity 2v4Elevate
Cloud 94v1Dream Team
Rise4v1Team Kaliber
Red Reserve 4v3Renegades
Optic Gaming 4v0Pnda
Insomnia 3v4Luminosity
Faze Clan4v0H2K
EnVyUs 4v3Evil Geniuses
Dream Team0v4Elevate
Cloud 94v2Complexity

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