Champs league prem

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1N Shaw 660060332712
2D Greenhalgh 6402564888
3S wall63035442126
4C ferris 4301363426
5M smith73045457-36
6S else 42023334-14
7D Doolan 110010822
8C Stephenson 51043346-132
9S connelly61053856-182
10L Jones 30031430-160

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S else 10v9S wall
S connelly10v6C ferris
C Stephenson 3v10S wall
C Stephenson 7v10C ferris
D Greenhalgh 10v7M smith
M smith10v5S else
S else 10v5L Jones
M smith10v3S connelly
C Stephenson 9v10M smith
C Stephenson 10v6S connelly
D Doolan 10v8L Jones
S wall10v6M smith
S wall10v3S connelly
C ferris 10v8M smith
D Greenhalgh 10v4C Stephenson
D Greenhalgh 9v10C ferris
D Greenhalgh 10v9S connelly
D Greenhalgh 10v8S wall
N Shaw 10v7S wall
N Shaw 10v8S else
N Shaw 10v1L Jones
N Shaw 10v7S connelly
N Shaw 10v3M smith
N Shaw 10v7D Greenhalgh

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