Champs league division 4

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1D Moylan990090513918
2T Yates870178433514
3A Jones960381641712
4D Moffat94057463118
5A Finch94057379-68
6N Kennaugh94056476-128
7K T Murray94055874-168
8J Spencer83056668-26
9R Haydock 61054057-172
10N Collister80083180-490

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D Moylan10v8T Yates
D Moylan10v2N Collister
T Yates10v2N Collister
T Yates10v9J Spencer
J Spencer10v6N Collister
K T Murray1v10T Yates
A Finch5v10D Moylan
T Yates10v1N Kennaugh
D Moylan10v6K T Murray
A Finch10v6N Collister
K T Murray10v4N Collister
K T Murray1v10D Moffat
N Kennaugh10v3N Collister
A Finch10v8J Spencer
J Spencer10v5K T Murray
A Jones10v5N Kennaugh
K T Murray10v5N Kennaugh
D Moylan10v6N Kennaugh
T Yates10v6A Jones
D Moylan10v6J Spencer
A Jones10v5N Collister
D Moffat10v4A Finch
K T Murray10v6R Haydock
T Yates10v8A Finch
T Yates10v6D Moffat
A Jones10v4D Moffat
A Jones10v8R Haydock
D Moylan10v7A Jones
D Moylan10v8D Moffat
D Moffat10v5R Haydock
R Haydock 10v7A Finch
R Haydock 8v10N Kennaugh
R Haydock 3v10D Moylan
A Finch9v10K T Murray
J Spencer6v10N Kennaugh
D Moffat9v10N Kennaugh
A Jones8v10A Finch
N Kennaugh7v10A Finch
J Spencer7v10A Jones
K T Murray5v10A Jones
N Collister3v10D Moffat
D Moffat7v10J Spencer

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