Champs league 1

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1D dooley870175542114
2B yates550050232710
3C roughly950482691310
4M Hutton 95047973610
5S sumner74036452128
6D slater84046466-28
7M Caldecott 83056974-56
8P smith93066281-196
9G rutter82064872-244
10A richie71064069-292

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S sumner10v5C roughly
A richie2v10B yates
D dooley10v7S sumner
A richie6v10C roughly
P smith6v10B yates
M Caldecott 10v7G rutter
P smith10v9M Caldecott
A richie7v10M Hutton
D slater10v9M Caldecott
M Hutton 4v10B yates
D slater10v9C roughly
A richie10v9M Caldecott
D dooley10v1G rutter
M Caldecott 7v10C roughly
A richie5v10D dooley
G rutter10v3P smith
G rutter2v10B yates
C roughly9v10B yates
C roughly10v3P smith
D dooley10v8D slater
C roughly10v6G rutter
M Caldecott 5v10D dooley
P smith9v10D dooley
M Hutton 9v10M Caldecott
M Hutton 10v9S sumner
M Hutton 10v5P smith
M Hutton 10v5D dooley
S sumner10v5D slater
M Hutton 7v10C roughly
D dooley10v9C roughly
M Caldecott 10v8S sumner
D slater10v2A richie
P smith10v8A richie
P smith10v4D slater
G rutter10v9M Hutton
S sumner10v6P smith
M Hutton 10v7D slater
D slater10v6G rutter
S sumner10v6G rutter

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