Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Mike Robson 63121713410
2Matt Garnett 430115879
3Marc 330011659
4Gerard Martin 21105414
5Francis Strong 21014403
6Duncan Fish 51041220-83
7Gazza Norman 10103301
8David splitt 5014615-91

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Matt Garnett 4v1David splitt
Matt Garnett 6v2Duncan Fish
David splitt 1v3Duncan Fish
Francis Strong 4v1Mike Robson
Mike Robson 3v1Duncan Fish
Mike Robson 4v1David splitt
Mike Robson 3v3Gazza Norman
David splitt 2v3Marc
Matt Garnett 2v5Mike Robson
Marc 2v1Mike Robson
Marc 6v3Duncan Fish
Gerard Martin 4v3Duncan Fish
Gerard Martin 1v1David splitt
Matt Garnett 3v0Francis Strong

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