Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1David splitt 4310123910
2Gerard Martin 431091810
3Adrian Samek 430111299
4Chris Kane 33009189
5Mike Robson 33008179
6Duncan Fish 33008179
7Graeme Blair 43019459
8Barry Mitchell 42118447
9Mark Bishop 22006066
10Danny felix 32017256
11Benji Brownlee 32017256
12Kasey 420289-16
13Mike 140212238-362
14Ash King 130112036-361

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Chris Kane 3v1Graeme Blair
Ash King 0v0Mike
Ash King 0v3Mike Robson
Ash King 0v3Mark Bishop
Ash King 0v3Kasey
Ash King 0v3Graeme Blair
Ash King 0v3Gerard Martin
Ash King 0v3Duncan Fish
Ash King 0v3David splitt
Ash King 0v3Danny felix
Ash King 0v3Chris Kane
Ash King 0v3Benji Brownlee
Ash King 0v3Barry Mitchell
Ash King 0v3Adrian Samek
Adrian Samek 1v2Graeme Blair
Adrian Samek 4v0Kasey
David splitt 5v2Kasey
Barry Mitchell 2v2Mike
Mike Robson 2v1Danny felix
Benji Brownlee 1v2Duncan Fish
Mike Robson 3v0Mike
Mark Bishop 3v0Mike
Kasey 3v0Mike
Graeme Blair 3v0Mike
Gerard Martin 3v0Mike
Duncan Fish 3v0Mike
David splitt 3v0Mike
Danny felix 3v0Mike
Chris Kane 3v0Mike
Benji Brownlee 3v0Mike
Barry Mitchell 3v0Mike
Adrian Samek 3v0Mike
Gerard Martin 2v0Barry Mitchell
Gerard Martin 1v1David splitt

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