Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Mike Robson 1311113392434
2Gerard Martin 1311112732434
3Barry Mitchell 138412542128
4Benji Brownlee 138232171426
5Duncan Fish 137242318523
6Danny felix 135621531221
7David splitt 1354424141019
8Mark Bishop 135351816218
9Adrian Samek 134541510517
10Chris Kane 135261417-317
11Kasey 13238927-189
12Graeme Blair 132110630-247
13Mike 130112036-361
14Ash King 130112036-361

Viewed 349 times

Adrian Samek 0v0David splitt
Chris Kane 3v0Kasey
Benji Brownlee 3v0Mark Bishop
Duncan Fish 3v0Kasey
Danny felix 0v0Barry Mitchell
Danny felix 0v0David splitt
Barry Mitchell 3v0Mark Bishop
Danny felix 0v0Adrian Samek
David splitt 0v0Barry Mitchell
Mike Robson 3v0Chris Kane
Chris Kane 0v1Gerard Martin
Adrian Samek 0v1Gerard Martin
Danny felix 0v0Duncan Fish
Adrian Samek 0v2Mike Robson
Gerard Martin 2v0Duncan Fish
David splitt 3v4Mike Robson
Benji Brownlee 0v0Barry Mitchell
Kasey 0v3Barry Mitchell
Graeme Blair 0v3Chris Kane
Graeme Blair 0v3Adrian Samek
Graeme Blair 0v3Barry Mitchell
Graeme Blair 0v3David splitt
Graeme Blair 0v3Danny felix
Graeme Blair 0v3Mike Robson
Graeme Blair 0v3Gerard Martin
Graeme Blair 0v3Duncan Fish
Graeme Blair 0v3Benji Brownlee
Gerard Martin 3v0Benji Brownlee
Kasey 0v3Benji Brownlee
Adrian Samek 0v3Barry Mitchell
Chris Kane 0v3Danny felix
Chris Kane 0v3Barry Mitchell
Graeme Blair 0v3Mark Bishop
David splitt 3v0Mark Bishop
Duncan Fish 0v3Mike Robson
Mark Bishop 0v0Adrian Samek
Mark Bishop 0v0Kasey
Chris Kane 0v0Adrian Samek
Graeme Blair 0v0Kasey
Chris Kane 2v1David splitt
Barry Mitchell 2v0Duncan Fish
Benji Brownlee 0v2Danny felix
Mike Robson 0v1Benji Brownlee
David splitt 2v3Duncan Fish
Mark Bishop 3v0Chris Kane
Adrian Samek 0v2Benji Brownlee
Kasey 0v3Gerard Martin
Mark Bishop 0v3Gerard Martin
Chris Kane 0v3Duncan Fish
Benji Brownlee 2v0David splitt
Mike Robson 3v1Kasey
Adrian Samek 2v2Duncan Fish
Mike Robson 2v2Barry Mitchell
Mike Robson 3v0Mark Bishop
Benji Brownlee 0v0Chris Kane
Danny felix 0v0Kasey
Gerard Martin 1v0Danny felix
Duncan Fish 1v6Mark Bishop
Mike Robson 2v1Gerard Martin
Mark Bishop 0v0Danny felix
Ash King 0v0Mike
Ash King 0v3Mike Robson
Ash King 0v3Mark Bishop
Ash King 0v3Kasey
Ash King 0v3Graeme Blair
Ash King 0v3Gerard Martin
Ash King 0v3Duncan Fish
Ash King 0v3David splitt
Ash King 0v3Danny felix
Ash King 0v3Chris Kane
Ash King 0v3Benji Brownlee
Ash King 0v3Barry Mitchell
Ash King 0v3Adrian Samek
Adrian Samek 4v0Kasey
David splitt 5v2Kasey
Mike Robson 2v1Danny felix
Benji Brownlee 1v2Duncan Fish
Mike Robson 3v0Mike
Mark Bishop 3v0Mike
Kasey 3v0Mike
Graeme Blair 3v0Mike
Gerard Martin 3v0Mike
Duncan Fish 3v0Mike
David splitt 3v0Mike
Danny felix 3v0Mike
Chris Kane 3v0Mike
Benji Brownlee 3v0Mike
Barry Mitchell 3v0Mike
Adrian Samek 3v0Mike
Gerard Martin 2v0Barry Mitchell
Gerard Martin 1v1David splitt

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