Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Francis Strong 64112112913
2Gazza Norman 5320179811
3Gerard Martin 531121101110
4Matt Garnett 43101761110
5Mike Robson 43101431110
6Lucian Bartalos 43101321110
7Danny Thorpe 32109097
8Marcin metler 32109547
9Kasey 32107347
10Adrian Samek 42118537
11Ben Foote 51406337
12Danny felix 42117707
13Chris Kane 5212812-47
14Kevin Obrien 32019636
15Duncan Fish 6204915-66
16Duane Okelly 41124314
17Chris Nffc Smith 4103516-113
18David splitt 6105720-133
19Ben Shaw 180018054-540
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Lucian Bartalos 8v1David splitt
Danny Thorpe 6v0David splitt
Chris Kane 0v4Gazza Norman
Francis Strong 4v2Kevin Obrien
Chris Kane 3v7Matt Garnett
Francis Strong 5v0Chris Nffc Smith
Danny felix 1v0Duncan Fish
Adrian Samek 3v2David splitt
Duncan Fish 1v5Matt Garnett
Mike Robson 3v0Ben Shaw
Matt Garnett 3v0Ben Shaw
Marcin metler 3v0Ben Shaw
Lucian Bartalos 3v0Ben Shaw
Kevin Obrien 3v0Ben Shaw
Kasey 3v0Ben Shaw
Gerard Martin 3v0Ben Shaw
Gazza Norman 3v0Ben Shaw
Francis Strong 3v0Ben Shaw
Duncan Fish 3v0Ben Shaw
Duane Okelly 3v0Ben Shaw
David splitt 3v0Ben Shaw
Danny felix 3v0Ben Shaw
Danny Thorpe 3v0Ben Shaw
Chris Nffc Smith 3v0Ben Shaw
Ben Foote 3v0Ben Shaw
Adrian Samek 3v0Ben Shaw
Gerard Martin 3v3Ben Foote
Lucian Bartalos 0v0Ben Foote
Danny Thorpe 0v0Ben Foote
Adrian Samek 0v0Ben Foote
Gazza Norman 3v3Danny felix
Duane Okelly 1v2Lucian Bartalos
Duane Okelly 0v1Kasey
Gazza Norman 3v3Kasey
Ben Shaw 0v3Chris Kane
Gazza Norman 4v3Duncan Fish
Gerard Martin 2v4Kevin Obrien
Duncan Fish 1v5Mike Robson
Francis Strong 3v3Marcin metler
Danny felix 0v4Mike Robson
Chris Nffc Smith 2v3Marcin metler
Mike Robson 2v2Matt Garnett
Chris Nffc Smith 0v8Gerard Martin
Chris Kane 0v0Duane Okelly
Chris Kane 2v1David splitt
Adrian Samek 2v3Francis Strong
Francis Strong 3v5Gerard Martin
Duncan Fish 1v0David splitt

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