CFL 2K18

Cross Sports South
Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1I Care Christian Crusade 1072129111823
2Gasparillo OB 1071226121422
3Jesus Resurrection Life Ministries106402291322
4Victory Tabernacle96302681821
5Christ Crusaders Piparo1154226151119
6Saturday Sweaterz115241716117
7Indian Walk OB115151418-416
8Fortaleza FC114251223-1114
9Claxton Bay OB113171215-310
10Good Vibe Tribe10226928-198
11Tortuga Pentecostal United101091829-113
12Global Prophetic Ministries100010835-270

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Claxton Bay OB3v0Good Vibe Tribe
Indian Walk OB3v0Good Vibe Tribe
I Care Christian Crusade 2v2Victory Tabernacle
Christ Crusaders Piparo7v2Tortuga Pentecostal United
Fortaleza FC3v1Saturday Sweaterz
Christ Crusaders Piparo3v1Claxton Bay OB
Global Prophetic Ministries1v2Fortaleza FC
Victory Tabernacle4v2Christ Crusaders Piparo
I Care Christian Crusade 1v0Claxton Bay OB
Jesus Resurrection Life Ministries3v2Tortuga Pentecostal United
Indian Walk OB2v1Gasparillo OB
Good Vibe Tribe2v1Global Prophetic Ministries
Indian Walk OB2v1Tortuga Pentecostal United
Gasparillo OB 3v0Claxton Bay OB
Jesus Resurrection Life Ministries2v2Victory Tabernacle
Jesus Resurrection Life Ministries3v0Fortaleza FC
Saturday Sweaterz3v2Good Vibe Tribe
Saturday Sweaterz5v0Global Prophetic Ministries
Gasparillo OB 5v2Fortaleza FC
Gasparillo OB 2v2Christ Crusaders Piparo
Indian Walk OB1v0Claxton Bay OB
Saturday Sweaterz0v3Jesus Resurrection Life Ministries
Good Vibe Tribe1v1Fortaleza FC
I Care Christian Crusade 2v0Global Prophetic Ministries
Gasparillo OB 3v2Tortuga Pentecostal United
Indian Walk OB2v1Global Prophetic Ministries
Good Vibe Tribe2v1Christ Crusaders Piparo
Victory Tabernacle2v0Claxton Bay OB
Tortuga Pentecostal United1v3Victory Tabernacle
Christ Crusaders Piparo0v0Saturday Sweaterz
Jesus Resurrection Life Ministries5v2Global Prophetic Ministries
I Care Christian Crusade 5v1Indian Walk OB
I Care Christian Crusade 3v1Good Vibe Tribe
Saturday Sweaterz1v0Tortuga Pentecostal United
Jesus Resurrection Life Ministries0v0Indian Walk OB
Gasparillo OB 3v0Global Prophetic Ministries
Christ Crusaders Piparo2v0Fortaleza FC
Fortaleza FC1v1Claxton Bay OB
Saturday Sweaterz2v0Claxton Bay OB
Victory Tabernacle4v1Indian Walk OB
I Care Christian Crusade 0v1Gasparillo OB
Fortaleza FC2v1Tortuga Pentecostal United
Victory Tabernacle8v0Good Vibe Tribe
Claxton Bay OB2v1Tortuga Pentecostal United
Christ Crusaders Piparo1v1Jesus Resurrection Life Ministries
Saturday Sweaterz0v0Victory Tabernacle
I Care Christian Crusade 1v1Christ Crusaders Piparo
Fortaleza FC1v0Indian Walk OB
Jesus Resurrection Life Ministries1v0Claxton Bay OB
Gasparillo OB 4v0Good Vibe Tribe
Tortuga Pentecostal United5v2Global Prophetic Ministries
Christ Crusaders Piparo3v1Indian Walk OB
Victory Tabernacle1v0Fortaleza FC
I Care Christian Crusade 4v3Tortuga Pentecostal United
Jesus Resurrection Life Ministries1v1Good Vibe Tribe
Gasparillo OB 3v1Saturday Sweaterz
Claxton Bay OB5v0Global Prophetic Ministries
Christ Crusaders Piparo4v1Global Prophetic Ministries
Indian Walk OB1v2Saturday Sweaterz
Fortaleza FC0v7I Care Christian Crusade
I Care Christian Crusade 4v2Saturday Sweaterz
Gasparillo OB 1v3Jesus Resurrection Life Ministries

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