CFL 2K17 Group B

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1I Care Christian Crusade 96211961320
2Walk on Water FC96211911820
3Good Vibe Tribe94322417715
4Central Vybz FC 94231714314
5Saturday Sweaterz94231717014
6Vessigny OB 84131212013
7Faith Centre FC 93151718-110
8Naparima FC93151518-310
9Parkside Sweaterz 9117619-134
10Galaxy FC8116923-144

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Vessigny OB 2v1Central Vybz FC
Naparima FC2v1Parkside Sweaterz
Vessigny OB 2v1Naparima FC
Good Vibe Tribe3v1Faith Centre FC
Walk on Water FC1v1I Care Christian Crusade
Saturday Sweaterz1v0Parkside Sweaterz
Parkside Sweaterz 3v0Galaxy FC
Central Vybz FC 3v0Galaxy FC
I Care Christian Crusade 3v1Faith Centre FC
Saturday Sweaterz3v0Vessigny OB
Central Vybz FC 1v6Good Vibe Tribe
Naparima FC7v4Walk on Water FC
Saturday Sweaterz4v4Good Vibe Tribe
I Care Christian Crusade 3v0Galaxy FC
Walk on Water FC1v0Vessigny OB
Walk on Water FC2v0Parkside Sweaterz
Central Vybz FC 1v3I Care Christian Crusade
Faith Centre FC 3v1Naparima FC
Walk on Water FC3v0Galaxy FC
I Care Christian Crusade 3v0Saturday Sweaterz
Good Vibe Tribe4v3Vessigny OB
Parkside Sweaterz 0v2Faith Centre FC
Walk on Water FC4v3Faith Centre FC
Saturday Sweaterz0v2Walk on Water FC
Central Vybz FC 1v1Naparima FC
Parkside Sweaterz 1v1Good Vibe Tribe
Naparima FC2v1Good Vibe Tribe
Walk on Water FC0v0Central Vybz FC
Galaxy FC0v3Faith Centre FC
Good Vibe Tribe4v2Galaxy FC
Good Vibe Tribe1v1I Care Christian Crusade
I Care Christian Crusade 3v0Parkside Sweaterz
Galaxy FC4v4Saturday Sweaterz
Central Vybz FC 3v1Faith Centre FC
Walk on Water FC2v0Good Vibe Tribe
I Care Christian Crusade 2v1Naparima FC
Faith Centre FC 1v1Vessigny OB
Central Vybz FC 2v1Saturday Sweaterz
Central Vybz FC 5v0Parkside Sweaterz
Saturday Sweaterz1v0Naparima FC
Galaxy FC3v0Naparima FC
Vessigny OB 3v1Parkside Sweaterz
Saturday Sweaterz3v2Faith Centre FC
Vessigny OB 1v0I Care Christian Crusade

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