CFL 2K17 Group A

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Tortuga Pentecostal United33009189
2Gasparillo OB3210144107
3Victory Tabernacle32108267
4Jesus Resurrection Life Ministries 31206515
5Indian Walk OB 210123-13
6Redemption Worship Centre 4022821-132
7Global Prophetic Ministries10104401
8Crusaders FC 301227-51
9Claxton Bay OB 200224-20
10Marabella OB 200215-40

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Jesus Resurrection Life Ministries 2v1Marabella OB
Indian Walk OB 1v0Crusaders FC
Gasparillo OB1v1Victory Tabernacle
Tortuga Pentecostal United4v0Crusaders FC
Victory Tabernacle5v0Redemption Worship Centre
Gasparillo OB10v2Redemption Worship Centre
Tortuga Pentecostal United2v1Claxton Bay OB
Jesus Resurrection Life Ministries 2v2Redemption Worship Centre
Victory Tabernacle2v1Claxton Bay OB
Jesus Resurrection Life Ministries 2v2Crusaders FC
Tortuga Pentecostal United3v0Marabella OB
Gasparillo OB3v1Indian Walk OB
Global Prophetic Ministries4v4Redemption Worship Centre

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