CFL 2019

Cross Sports South
Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Christ Crusaders International13101234122231
2Elite FC139223292329
3Claxton Bay Open Bible128312581727
4Gasparillo Open Bible1363427151221
6I Care Christian Crusade1261523131019
7Redemption Worship Centre12543179819
8Tabernacle of Praise125341918118
9Mt. Elvin Baptist Youths136072226-418
10Tortuga Pentecostal135171430-1616
11Indian Walk Open Bible122461426-1210
12 Empowerment Temple International123091531-169
13Christ Centered123091438-249
14Good Vibe Tribe FC131012933-243

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Elite FC0v0Gasparillo Open Bible
Christ Crusaders International6v0Tortuga Pentecostal
Mt. Elvin Baptist Youths3v1Good Vibe Tribe FC
I Care Christian Crusade3v0Good Vibe Tribe FC
Fortaleza0v1Claxton Bay Open Bible
Christ Crusaders International3v1Fortaleza
Empowerment Temple International0v4Redemption Worship Centre
Elite FC0v1Tabernacle of Praise
Christ Crusaders International1v1Claxton Bay Open Bible
Redemption Worship Centre2v2Indian Walk Open Bible
Mt. Elvin Baptist Youths5v0Christ Centered
Empowerment Temple International3v0Good Vibe Tribe FC
Claxton Bay Open Bible0v0Tabernacle of Praise
Fortaleza3v0Tortuga Pentecostal
Gasparillo Open Bible0v3I Care Christian Crusade
Claxton Bay Open Bible3v0Tortuga Pentecostal
Fortaleza1v3 Empowerment Temple International
Good Vibe Tribe FC0v2Redemption Worship Centre
I Care Christian Crusade3v0Christ Crusaders International
Indian Walk Open Bible3v0Tortuga Pentecostal
Gasparillo Open Bible4v1Tabernacle of Praise
Elite FC1v2Mt. Elvin Baptist Youths
Empowerment Temple International0v3Christ Centered
Indian Walk Open Bible3v3Claxton Bay Open Bible
Elite FC5v0 Empowerment Temple International
Tortuga Pentecostal2v1Good Vibe Tribe FC
Gasparillo Open Bible1v0Mt. Elvin Baptist Youths
Tabernacle of Praise0v0I Care Christian Crusade
Redemption Worship Centre3v0Christ Centered
Tortuga Pentecostal3v0Christ Centered
Elite FC0v0Redemption Worship Centre
Christ Crusaders International2v1Indian Walk Open Bible
I Care Christian Crusade1v2Fortaleza
Empowerment Temple International1v2Gasparillo Open Bible
Claxton Bay Open Bible3v0Good Vibe Tribe FC
Tabernacle of Praise5v2Mt. Elvin Baptist Youths
Empowerment Temple International1v5I Care Christian Crusade
Mt. Elvin Baptist Youths3v0Indian Walk Open Bible
Tabernacle of Praise1v4Christ Crusaders International
Tortuga Pentecostal1v0Mt. Elvin Baptist Youths
Claxton Bay Open Bible6v1Christ Centered
Tabernacle of Praise2v1 Empowerment Temple International
Good Vibe Tribe FC0v3Christ Crusaders International
Gasparillo Open Bible0v0Redemption Worship Centre
Elite FC5v2Tortuga Pentecostal
Mt. Elvin Baptist Youths2v1I Care Christian Crusade
Indian Walk Open Bible0v0Fortaleza
Christ Crusaders International2v0Christ Centered
Elite FC1v0Claxton Bay Open Bible
Tortuga Pentecostal3v2Gasparillo Open Bible
Redemption Worship Centre3v2Tabernacle of Praise
Good Vibe Tribe FC0v2Fortaleza
I Care Christian Crusade2v0Indian Walk Open Bible
Empowerment Temple International4v5Mt. Elvin Baptist Youths
Fortaleza2v1Christ Centered
Mt. Elvin Baptist Youths0v1Redemption Worship Centre
Good Vibe Tribe FC3v4Indian Walk Open Bible
Elite FC4v0Christ Crusaders International
Tabernacle of Praise3v0Tortuga Pentecostal
Claxton Bay Open Bible3v2Gasparillo Open Bible
Elite FC3v2Fortaleza
Gasparillo Open Bible1v2Christ Crusaders International
Indian Walk Open Bible0v5Christ Centered
Good Vibe Tribe FC2v1Christ Centered
Redemption Worship Centre1v2I Care Christian Crusade
Elite FC3v0Indian Walk Open Bible
Empowerment Temple International2v0Tortuga Pentecostal
Gasparillo Open Bible2v2Fortaleza
Claxton Bay Open Bible2v0Mt. Elvin Baptist Youths
Elite FC2v1Good Vibe Tribe FC
I Care Christian Crusade1v3Christ Centered
Empowerment Temple International0v2Claxton Bay Open Bible
Tabernacle of Praise1v2Fortaleza
Redemption Worship Centre1v1Tortuga Pentecostal
Christ Crusaders International8v0Mt. Elvin Baptist Youths
Gasparillo Open Bible2v0Indian Walk Open Bible
Elite FC6v0Christ Centered
Claxton Bay Open Bible1v0Redemption Worship Centre
Fortaleza1v0Mt. Elvin Baptist Youths
Indian Walk Open Bible1v1Tabernacle of Praise
Empowerment Temple International0v2Christ Crusaders International
Gasparillo Open Bible3v0Good Vibe Tribe FC
Tortuga Pentecostal2v1I Care Christian Crusade
Gasparillo Open Bible8v0Christ Centered
Christ Crusaders International1v0Redemption Worship Centre
Tabernacle of Praise2v1Good Vibe Tribe FC
Elite FC2v1I Care Christian Crusade

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