CFL 2019

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Elite FC66002041618
2Christ Crusaders International5401135812
3Claxton Bay Open Bible440082612
4Gasparillo Open Bible63121871110
5Tabernacle of Praise42117437
7Good Vibe Tribe FC62041012-26
8Christ Centered5203917-86
9Redemption Worship Centre511335-24
10Tortuga Pentecostal411237-44
11Indian Walk Open Bible5113514-94
12 Empowerment Temple International310224-23
13I Care Christian Crusade5104511-63
14Mt. Elvin Baptist Youths4004012-120

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Mt. Elvin Baptist Youths0v1Redemption Worship Centre
Good Vibe Tribe FC3v4Indian Walk Open Bible
Elite FC4v0Christ Crusaders International
Tabernacle of Praise3v0Tortuga Pentecostal
Claxton Bay Open Bible3v2Gasparillo Open Bible
Elite FC3v2Fortaleza
Gasparillo Open Bible1v2Christ Crusaders International
Indian Walk Open Bible0v5Christ Centered
Good Vibe Tribe FC3v0I Care Christian Crusade
Good Vibe Tribe FC2v1Christ Centered
Redemption Worship Centre1v2I Care Christian Crusade
Elite FC3v0Indian Walk Open Bible
Empowerment Temple International2v0Tortuga Pentecostal
Gasparillo Open Bible2v2Fortaleza
Claxton Bay Open Bible2v0Mt. Elvin Baptist Youths
Elite FC2v1Good Vibe Tribe FC
I Care Christian Crusade1v3Christ Centered
Empowerment Temple International0v2Claxton Bay Open Bible
Tabernacle of Praise1v2Fortaleza
Redemption Worship Centre1v1Tortuga Pentecostal
Christ Crusaders International8v0Mt. Elvin Baptist Youths
Gasparillo Open Bible2v0Indian Walk Open Bible
Elite FC6v0Christ Centered
Claxton Bay Open Bible1v0Redemption Worship Centre
Fortaleza1v0Mt. Elvin Baptist Youths
Indian Walk Open Bible1v1Tabernacle of Praise
Empowerment Temple International0v2Christ Crusaders International
Gasparillo Open Bible3v0Good Vibe Tribe FC
Tortuga Pentecostal2v1I Care Christian Crusade
Gasparillo Open Bible8v0Christ Centered
Christ Crusaders International1v0Redemption Worship Centre
Tabernacle of Praise2v1Good Vibe Tribe FC
Elite FC2v1I Care Christian Crusade

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