Carnoustie monifieth darts league

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Vault Vikings171601125289732
3Vault Stars171205106475924
4Corner Hotel171205103505324
5Crown Jewels18120694682624
6Crown A179087974518
719th Dartisans 1870117191-2014
8Vault 541760116687-2112
9Craws Nest16401244100-568
10Station Hotel17201528125-974
11Stags Head17001720133-1130

Viewed 1443 times

19th5v419th Dartisans
Crown A2v7Vault Stars
Vault 548v1Station Hotel
Corner Hotel8v1Craws Nest
Stags Head1v8Crown Jewels
Vault Stars8v1Station Hotel
Vault Vikings7v219th Dartisans
Crown Jewels6v3Vault 54
19th5v4Vault Stars
Craws Nest2v7Crown A
Crown A2v719th
Vault 547v2Craws Nest
19th Dartisans 4v5Crown Jewels
Corner Hotel1v8Vault Vikings
Crown Jewels3v6Corner Hotel
Craws Nest4v519th Dartisans
19th7v2Vault 54
Station Hotel3v6Crown A
Vault Vikings9v0Stags Head
19th6v3Corner Hotel
Station Hotel3v619th Dartisans
Vault Stars7v2Vault 54
Crown Jewels2v7Vault Vikings
Craws Nest7v2Stags Head
Vault 547v2Crown A
19th Dartisans 1v8Vault Stars
Corner Hotel9v0Station Hotel
Stags Head0v919th
Vault Vikings8v1Craws Nest
Vault Stars5v4Corner Hotel
Craws Nest2v7Crown Jewels
19th2v7Vault Vikings
Station Hotel5v4Stags Head
Crown A4v519th Dartisans
Stags Head0v9Vault Stars
19th Dartisans 6v3Vault 54
Crown Jewels2v719th
Vault Vikings9v0Station Hotel
Corner Hotel9v0Crown A
Vault 543v6Corner Hotel
19th9v0Craws Nest
Station Hotel1v8Crown Jewels
Vault Stars1v8Vault Vikings
Crown A8v1Stags Head
19th Dartisans 3v6Corner Hotel
Vault Stars4v5Crown Jewels
Vault 547v2Stags Head
Crown A2v7Vault Vikings
Craws Nest0v9Vault Stars
19th8v1Station Hotel
Vault Vikings9v0Vault 54
Stags Head3v619th Dartisans
Crown Jewels7v2Crown A
Vault Stars3v619th
19th Dartisans 1v8Vault Vikings
Corner Hotel9v0Stags Head
Vault 543v6Crown Jewels
Crown A8v1Craws Nest
Vault Stars8v1Station Hotel
Craws Nest5v4Vault 54
Crown Jewels4v519th Dartisans
Corner Hotel3v6Vault Vikings
19th4v5Crown A
Crown A7v2Station Hotel
19th Dartisans 4v5Craws Nest
Vault 541v819th
Stags Head1v8Vault Vikings
Corner Hotel5v4Crown Jewels
Station Hotel2v7Vault 54
Craws Nest2v7Corner Hotel
19th6v319th Dartisans
Crown Jewels8v1Stags Head
Vault Stars6v3Crown A
Stags Head1v8Craws Nest
19th Dartisans 8v1Station Hotel
Corner Hotel7v219th
Vault Vikings7v2Crown Jewels
Station Hotel0v9Corner Hotel
Vault Stars8v119th Dartisans
19th9v0Stags Head
Crown A6v3Vault 54
Stags Head4v5Station Hotel
Crown Jewels5v4Craws Nest
Corner Hotel3v6Vault Stars
Vault Vikings3v619th
19th Dartisans 3v6Crown A
Vault 545v419th Dartisans
Vault Stars9v0Stags Head
Station Hotel0v9Vault Vikings
19th4v5Crown Jewels
Craws Nest0v919th
Crown Jewels7v2Station Hotel
Corner Hotel8v1Vault 54
Vault Vikings5v4Vault Stars
Stags Head0v9Crown A

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