Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Westfield B44002982116
2Westfield A42022314910
3Westfield C42022922710
4Holyrood C42021625-910
5Holyrood B41031627-117
6Holyrood A41031330-177

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Westfield B5v3Westfield A
Holyrood C4v8Westfield C
Holyrood B2v7Holyrood A
Holyrood A1v13Westfield C
Westfield A7v3Holyrood B
Westfield B11v1Holyrood C
Holyrood C7v4Westfield C
Holyrood C4v2Westfield A
Westfield B4v3Holyrood A
Holyrood B10v4Westfield C
Westfield B9v1Holyrood B
Westfield A11v2Holyrood A

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