Blue Owl Championship

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Andy Reed12100270940830110
2Jon Pudney13100376953023910
3Mick Henfrey 13100372949223710
4Paul Field12903637565729
5Callum Campbell148067355801558
6Pete Wright128046484951538
7Johnny Ward137066225061167
8Andy Garford 12606536591-556
9Ray White13508569684-1155
10Pete Rice10406455485-304
11Ian McCutcheon12408520696-1764
12Paul Kirk144010509727-2184
13Dave Tod11407410667-2574
14Kev Burke133010489679-1903
15Mike Edghill121011482714-2321

Viewed 903 times

Callum Campbell36v59Johnny Ward
Ian McCutcheon44v27Kev Burke
Ian McCutcheon27v65Andy Reed
Johnny Ward54v31Ian McCutcheon
Andy Garford 65v21Ray White
Mick Henfrey 52v38Ian McCutcheon
Ian McCutcheon61v31Callum Campbell
Andy Reed66v32Dave Tod
Paul Field46v73Jon Pudney
Kev Burke48v33Jon Pudney
Dave Tod43v19Paul Kirk
Pete Wright76v15Kev Burke
Andy Garford 55v53Mike Edghill
Johnny Ward61v21Ray White
Callum Campbell90v12Mike Edghill
Jon Pudney88v62Ian McCutcheon
Pete Wright79v35Ian McCutcheon
Pete Rice88v17Ian McCutcheon
Paul Field52v34Johnny Ward
Paul Field47v46Mike Edghill
Johnny Ward45v29Kev Burke
Johnny Ward21v51Mick Henfrey
Andy Garford 26v76Mick Henfrey
Andy Reed59v35Paul Field
Paul Kirk22v66Mick Henfrey
Ray White52v41Pete Wright
Andy Garford 58v80Jon Pudney
Ray White40v37Paul Kirk
Callum Campbell53v46Paul Kirk
Callum Campbell48v43Pete Rice
Kev Burke30v60Mick Henfrey
Kev Burke26v47Pete Rice
Jon Pudney74v27Dave Tod
Mike Edghill36v67Pete Wright
Mike Edghill31v54Ray White
Mike Edghill77v24Dave Tod
Mick Henfrey 50v28Ray White
Callum Campbell44v32Kev Burke
Callum Campbell44v60Paul Field
Andy Garford 50v54Paul Field
Paul Kirk31v74Pete Wright
Jon Pudney40v41Pete Wright
Jon Pudney61v31Paul Kirk
Pete Rice31v34Paul Kirk
Pete Rice56v49Andy Reed
Johnny Ward55v62Dave Tod
Callum Campbell106v3Dave Tod
Callum Campbell22v41Andy Reed
Johnny Ward28v54Andy Reed
Andy Garford 23v66Andy Reed
Paul Field64v49Ray White
Ray White49v64Pete Rice
Ray White60v57Kev Burke
Pete Wright57v49Pete Rice
Paul Field73v28Kev Burke
Paul Kirk57v50Mike Edghill
Mick Henfrey 52v38Mike Edghill
Mick Henfrey 68v62Andy Reed
Jon Pudney76v18Mike Edghill
Jon Pudney48v42Callum Campbell
Pete Wright48v41Callum Campbell
Pete Wright41v53Andy Reed
Mike Edghill44v51Andy Reed
Paul Kirk27v66Andy Reed
Kev Burke5v77Andy Reed
Kev Burke69v35Paul Kirk
Andy Garford 51v32Dave Tod
Mick Henfrey 69v14Jon Pudney
Dave Tod56v53Kev Burke
Callum Campbell62v45Mick Henfrey
Dave Tod50v63Mick Henfrey
Andy Garford 29v70Kev Burke
Mike Edghill50v51Ian McCutcheon
Paul Kirk52v44Ian McCutcheon
Mike Edghill27v90Johnny Ward
Andy Garford 42v34Johnny Ward
Dave Tod55v52Ian McCutcheon
Ray White55v58Ian McCutcheon
Ray White51v26Dave Tod
Andy Garford 39v32Paul Kirk
Johnny Ward29v45Jon Pudney
Pete Rice24v71Jon Pudney
Ray White35v66Jon Pudney
Ray White54v64Callum Campbell
Andy Garford 28v52Callum Campbell
Paul Field64v32Pete Rice
Andy Garford 70v21Pete Rice
Pete Wright58v62Paul Field
Paul Kirk45v30Paul Field
Johnny Ward51v15Pete Wright
Paul Field50v47Mick Henfrey
Pete Wright51v30Mick Henfrey
Johnny Ward61v41Paul Kirk

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