Blood Bowl Championship Season 5 2018/19

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Life's A Witch64119459
2Slaangor Reapers62315507
3The Evil Gits61419546
4Children Of The Khorne613256-15
5Valhalla Vixens621349-55
6Skurvy Scallywags612336-34

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Children Of The Khorne2v2Life's A Witch
Skurvy Scallywags0v1Slaangor Reapers
The Evil Gits1v1Valhalla Vixens
Slaangor Reapers2v2The Evil Gits
Children Of The Khorne2v0Valhalla Vixens
Skurvy Scallywags0v3Life's A Witch
The Evil Gits5v0Valhalla Vixens
Skurvy Scallywags1v1Slaangor Reapers
Children Of The Khorne0v1Life's A Witch
Skurvy Scallywags0v1Valhalla Vixens
Children Of The Khorne1v1The Evil Gits
Slaangor Reapers0v2Life's A Witch
Skurvy Scallywags2v0Children Of The Khorne
Slaangor Reapers1v0Valhalla Vixens
Life's A Witch1v0The Evil Gits
Skurvy Scallywags0v0The Evil Gits
Valhalla Vixens2v0Life's A Witch
Children Of The Khorne0v0Slaangor Reapers

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