Blood Bowl Championship Season 4 2018/19

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Force Of Nature107122191215
2Blackskulls Bashers10532158713
3Woodland Rebels104241819-110
4Eshin Warriors104151115-49
5Satan's Spawns103341116-59

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Blackskulls Bashers2v0Woodland Rebels
Force Of Nature3v0Satan's Spawns
HamNurglers1v1Eshin Warriors
Woodland Rebels2v1HamNurglers
Blackskulls Bashers1v1Satan's Spawns
Force Of Nature2v1Eshin Warriors
Satan's Spawns3v3Woodland Rebels
Blackskulls Bashers2v0Eshin Warriors
Force Of Nature2v1HamNurglers
Force Of Nature4v0Woodland Rebels
Satan's Spawns1v2Eshin Warriors
Blackskulls Bashers0v0HamNurglers
HamNurglers1v1Satan's Spawns
Blackskulls Bashers2v1Force Of Nature
Eshin Warriors0v2Woodland Rebels
HamNurglers0v1Eshin Warriors
Force Of Nature2v0Satan's Spawns
Blackskulls Bashers2v3Woodland Rebels
Woodland Rebels3v0HamNurglers
Force Of Nature2v0Eshin Warriors
Blackskulls Bashers2v0Satan's Spawns
Blackskulls Bashers1v2Eshin Warriors
Force Of Nature2v0HamNurglers
Satan's Spawns2v1Woodland Rebels
Blackskulls Bashers0v0HamNurglers
Woodland Rebels2v2Force Of Nature
Satan's Spawns2v1Eshin Warriors
HamNurglers0v1Satan's Spawns
Blackskulls Bashers3v1Force Of Nature
Woodland Rebels2v3Eshin Warriors

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