Blood Bowl Championship Season 3 2017/18

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Poison Ivy32106335
2Kamado Dragons32013124
3The Tombstone Terrors32013214
4Vikorum Venom310235-22
5Defenders Of Erebor310213-22
6Spawn Of Chaos301224-21

Viewed 5 times

The Tombstone Terrors0v2Vikorum Venom
Kamado Dragons0v1Poison Ivy
Spawn Of Chaos0v1Defenders Of Erebor
Vikorum Venom0v2Kamado Dragons
Defenders Of Erebor0v2The Tombstone Terrors
Spawn Of Chaos2v2Poison Ivy
Kamado Dragons1v0Defenders Of Erebor
Vikorum Venom1v3Poison Ivy
Spawn Of Chaos0v1The Tombstone Terrors

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