Billiards 2018

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Gary Roberts1712053223291231124
2Tommy Melia 1810083448328915920
3Bob Hulme 181008344034073320
4Jimmy Woods189093368325711118
5Tony Donnahue 1890933723396-2418
6Colin McCarthy1790831393166-2718
7Gordon Oconnor 18801032583295-3716
8Tony Burns 18801033103383-7316
9Billy Henry 18701133173476-15914
10Liam Dempster 18701131393433-29414
11Ste patten00000000
12Mr no show00000000

Viewed 440 times

Jimmy Woods200v172Billy Henry
Liam Dempster 200v174Bob Hulme
Colin McCarthy200v150Gordon Oconnor
Tony Donnahue 116v200Gary Roberts
Tommy Melia 177v200Liam Dempster
Billy Henry 199v200Colin McCarthy
Bob Hulme 200v194Tony Donnahue
Gary Roberts200v153Gordon Oconnor
Liam Dempster 164v200Tony Burns
Tony Donnahue 137v200Tommy Melia
Gordon Oconnor 200v170Billy Henry
Bob Hulme 200v175Gary Roberts
Tony Burns 200v172Tony Donnahue
Jimmy Woods200v124Liam Dempster
Tommy Melia 200v196Bob Hulme
Gary Roberts200v175Billy Henry
Tony Donnahue 200v154Jimmy Woods
Colin McCarthy200v149Liam Dempster
Bob Hulme 195v200Tony Burns
Tommy Melia 200v111Gary Roberts
Colin McCarthy199v200Tony Donnahue
Liam Dempster 200v172Gordon Oconnor
Jimmy Woods200v174Bob Hulme
Tony Burns 200v176Tommy Melia
Tony Burns 200v159Colin McCarthy
Gordon Oconnor 194v200Tony Donnahue
Bob Hulme 189v200Colin McCarthy
Billy Henry 200v174Liam Dempster
Tommy Melia 200v191Jimmy Woods
Tony Burns 171v200Gary Roberts
Gordon Oconnor 200v148Bob Hulme
Tony Donnahue 200v190Billy Henry
Colin McCarthy178v200Tommy Melia
Jimmy Woods158v200Tony Burns
Billy Henry 200v165Bob Hulme
Tommy Melia 200v162Gordon Oconnor
Jimmy Woods177v200Gary Roberts
Billy Henry 195v200Tommy Melia
Gordon Oconnor 183v200Tony Burns
Colin McCarthy200v196Jimmy Woods
Gary Roberts200v175Liam Dempster
Tony Burns 182v200Billy Henry
Jimmy Woods200v183Gordon Oconnor
Liam Dempster 157v200Tony Donnahue
Billy Henry 200v177Jimmy Woods
Bob Hulme 200v192Liam Dempster
Gordon Oconnor 200v157Colin McCarthy
Gary Roberts200v190Tony Donnahue
Liam Dempster 176v200Tommy Melia
Colin McCarthy200v152Billy Henry
Tony Donnahue 194v200Bob Hulme
Gordon Oconnor 127v200Gary Roberts
Colin McCarthy149v200Tony Donnahue
Tony Burns 149v200Liam Dempster
Tommy Melia 181v200Tony Donnahue
Gary Roberts177v200Bob Hulme
Billy Henry 171v200Gordon Oconnor
Jimmy Woods177v200Tony Donnahue
Colin McCarthy200v190Liam Dempster
Liam Dempster 200v189Jimmy Woods
Tony Donnahue 200v195Tony Burns
Bob Hulme 200v171Tommy Melia
Billy Henry 136v200Gary Roberts
Bob Hulme 200v195Tony Burns
Gary Roberts200v175Tommy Melia
Gordon Oconnor 200v107Liam Dempster
Bob Hulme 200v149Jimmy Woods
Tommy Melia 176v200Tony Burns
Tommy Melia 196v200Jimmy Woods
Tony Donnahue 191v200Gordon Oconnor
Colin McCarthy190v200Bob Hulme
Liam Dempster 200v179Billy Henry
Gary Roberts200v186Tony Burns
Liam Dempster 200v193Tony Donnahue
Bob Hulme 200v170Gordon Oconnor
Billy Henry 200v185Tony Donnahue
Tommy Melia 200v165Colin McCarthy
Tony Burns 117v200Jimmy Woods
Bob Hulme 199v200Billy Henry
Gordon Oconnor 200v196Tommy Melia
Colin McCarthy200v166Tony Burns
Gary Roberts185v200Jimmy Woods
Tommy Melia 200v178Billy Henry
Tony Burns 155v200Gordon Oconnor
Jimmy Woods200v142Colin McCarthy
Liam Dempster 131v200Gary Roberts
Billy Henry 200v194Tony Burns
Gordon Oconnor 164v200Jimmy Woods
Gary Roberts175v200Colin McCarthy

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