Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Liam Dempster 8701119885534314
2Tony Donahue 8701114310539014
3Billy Henry 840411509911598
4Tony Burns 7403944922228
5Mick Pollock 7403888903-158
6Gordon Oconnor 840410661141-758
7Tommy Melia 830510561106-506
8Jimmy Wood 830510641129-656
9Robbie Ward7304877969-926
10Gary Roberts 830510421153-1116
11Bob Hulme 820611151187-724
12Colin McCarthy 5104604738-1342
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Gordon Oconnor 97v150Mick Pollock
Tommy Melia 150v88Gary Roberts
Bob Hulme 150v145Billy Henry
Robbie Ward108v150Tony Donahue
Colin McCarthy 41v150Liam Dempster
Tony Burns 150v132Jimmy Wood
Jimmy Wood 126v150Tony Donahue
Gordon Oconnor 150v125Tommy Melia
Mick Pollock 150v117Bob Hulme
Gary Roberts 137v150Robbie Ward
Billy Henry 138v150Colin McCarthy
Tony Donahue 93v150Tony Burns
Jimmy Wood 119v150Liam Dempster
Robbie Ward142v150Bob Hulme
Bob Hulme 136v150Tommy Melia
Robbie Ward150v143Gordon Oconnor
Tony Burns 138v150Gary Roberts
Liam Dempster 150v125Billy Henry
Tommy Melia 150v132Colin McCarthy
Gordon Oconnor 114v150Tony Burns
Mick Pollock 119v150Liam Dempster
Gary Roberts 113v150Tony Donahue
Billy Henry 142v150Jimmy Wood
Tony Burns 150v133Bob Hulme
Liam Dempster 150v109Tommy Melia
Tony Donahue 150v112Gordon Oconnor
Billy Henry 150v80Mick Pollock
Gary Roberts 108v150Jimmy Wood
Robbie Ward102v150Liam Dempster
Bob Hulme 148v150Tony Donahue
Tommy Melia 120v150Billy Henry
Gordon Oconnor 150v146Gary Roberts
Jimmy Wood 116v150Mick Pollock
Billy Henry 150v75Robbie Ward
Robbie Ward150v89Mick Pollock
Jimmy Wood 121v150Gordon Oconnor
Jimmy Wood 150v129Tommy Melia
Liam Dempster 150v90Tony Burns
Tony Donahue 150v148Colin McCarthy
Gary Roberts 150v132Bob Hulme
Mick Pollock 150v123Tommy Melia
Liam Dempster 148v150Tony Donahue
Tony Burns 116v150Billy Henry
Colin McCarthy 133v150Gary Roberts
Bob Hulme 149v150Gordon Oconnor

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