Benfield Tuesday 2019

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Martin Piggott171232119734639
2David Duffy1583495841127
3Nick Storey128137271125
4Dan Marshall167369186524
5Richard Dawson1372486652123
6Andrew Walker1371586711522
7Jaime Adams1062264501420
8Graeme Piggott1353584622218
9Matt Anderson135357768918
10Andy Richardson125166176-1516
11Sam Grist135176382-1916
12Andrew Calvert104336361215
13Ross Gordon1643985108-2315
14Michael Harrison1542975110-3514
15Liam Teggart73134042-210
16Jimmy Atkinson93155160-910
17Andy Brown33002812169
18Sean Crick92344559-149
19Paddy Smith62223623138
20Liam Redhead6222313018
21Michael Romney82153558-237
22Mike Watson4202261886
23Iain Harris41121517-24
24Nick Glover31112023-34
25Michael Archer110012393
26Tom Walton11008353
27Alex Thompson5104353233
28Uneven Teams11006513
29Paul Smith41032332-93
30Aaron Bayliss10106601
31Andrew Bowers100138-50
32Remy McMeekin1001211-90
33Kev Quigley40041630-140
34Phil Reed40041232-200

Viewed 63 times

Aaron Bayliss6v6Sean Crick
Richard Dawson6v6Ross Gordon
Michael Harrison6v6Matt Anderson
Liam Redhead6v6Martin Piggott
Iain Harris6v6Graeme Piggott
David Duffy6v6Dan Marshall
Andrew Calvert6v6Andrew Walker
Ross Gordon1v0Paddy Smith
Martin Piggott1v0Iain Harris
David Duffy1v0Richard Dawson
Matt Anderson1v0Sean Crick
Liam Redhead1v0Liam Teggart
Nick Storey1v0Graeme Piggott
Dan Marshall1v0Sam Grist
Andrew Walker1v0Andy Richardson
Sean Crick6v1Phil Reed
Sam Grist6v1Paddy Smith
Richard Dawson6v1Michael Harrison
Matt Anderson6v1Liam Redhead
Martin Piggott6v1Jimmy Atkinson
Liam Teggart6v1Jaime Adams
Andy Richardson6v1Iain Harris
Andrew Calvert6v1Dan Marshall
Richard Dawson11v1Sean Crick
Paddy Smith11v1Ross Gordon
Matt Anderson11v1Nick Storey
Martin Piggott11v1Michael Harrison
Liam Redhead11v1Liam Teggart
Jaime Adams11v1David Duffy
Dan Marshall11v1Andy Richardson
Andrew Walker11v1Andrew Calvert
Jaime Adams7v7Nick Glover
Dan Marshall7v7Sean Crick
Martin Piggott7v7Nick Storey
Paddy Smith7v7Ross Gordon
David Duffy7v7Andrew Calvert
Liam Teggart7v7Graeme Piggott
Matt Anderson7v7Liam Redhead
Andrew Walker10v5Liam Redhead
Nick Storey10v5Sean Crick
Michael Harrison10v5Sam Grist
Martin Piggott10v5Ross Gordon
Liam Teggart10v5Matt Anderson
Jaime Adams10v5Jimmy Atkinson
Dan Marshall10v5Andrew Calvert
Ross Gordon8v4Liam Teggart
Nick Glover8v4Sam Grist
Michael Harrison8v4Nick Storey
Jimmy Atkinson8v4Matt Anderson
Iain Harris8v4Martin Piggott
David Duffy8v4Graeme Piggott
Andrew Calvert8v4Dan Marshall
Sean Crick5v5Jaime Adams
Sam Grist5v5Graeme Piggott
Richard Dawson5v5David Duffy
Paddy Smith5v5Ross Gordon
Michael Romney5v5Michael Harrison
Martin Piggott5v5Matt Anderson
Jimmy Atkinson5v5Dan Marshall
Andrew Calvert5v5Andy Richardson
Ross Gordon9v12Sean Crick
Richard Dawson9v12Sam Grist
Paul Smith9v12Nick Storey
Michael Harrison9v12Liam Teggart
Andrew Walker9v12David Duffy
Alex Thompson9v12Andy Richardson
Michael Archer12v3Sam Grist
Paddy Smith12v3Ross Gordon
Martin Piggott12v3Richard Dawson
Graeme Piggott12v3Nick Storey
David Duffy12v3Michael Harrison
Andy Brown12v3Jimmy Atkinson
Andrew Walker12v3Jaime Adams
Alex Thompson12v3Andy Richardson
Andrew Walker5v6Uneven Teams
Ross Gordon5v6Sam Grist
Michael Romney5v6Mike Watson
Graeme Piggott5v6Michael Harrison
David Duffy5v6Martin Piggott
Dan Marshall5v6Jaime Adams
Alex Thompson5v6Andy Richardson
Sam Grist6v4Ross Gordon
Nick Storey6v4Paul Smith
Martin Piggott6v4Michael Romney
Jaime Adams6v4Michael Harrison
David Duffy6v4Kev Quigley
Dan Marshall6v4Jimmy Atkinson
Andrew Walker6v4Graeme Piggott
Richard Dawson9v3Sean Crick
Ross Gordon9v3Andrew Walker
Nick Storey9v3Sam Grist
Michael Harrison9v3Michael Romney
Matt Anderson9v3Martin Piggott
Jimmy Atkinson9v3Kev Quigley
Andrew Calvert9v3Dan Marshall
Andy Brown9v3Andy Richardson
Tom Walton8v3Michael Harrison
Sam Grist8v3Ross Gordon
Nick Storey8v3Richard Dawson
Martin Piggott8v3Phil Reed
Graeme Piggott8v3Paul Smith
David Duffy8v3Kev Quigley
Dan Marshall8v3Andy Richardson
Andrew Walker8v3Andrew Bowers
Andy Brown7v6Matt Anderson
Richard Dawson7v6Phil Reed
Paul Smith7v6Mike Watson
Nick Storey7v6David Duffy
Michael Romney7v6Dan Marshall
Graeme Piggott7v6Kev Quigley
Martin Piggott7v6Andrew Walker
Andy Richardson7v6Alex Thompson
Alex Thompson3v4Nick Storey
Richard Dawson4v3Sam Grist
Michael Romney4v3Ross Gordon
Martin Piggott4v3Mike Watson
Jaime Adams4v3Michael Harrison
David Duffy4v3Matt Anderson
Dan Marshall4v3Graeme Piggott
Andrew Walker4v3Andy Richardson
Richard Dawson12v5Nick Glover
Matt Anderson12v5Ross Gordon
Martin Piggott12v5Michael Romney
Graeme Piggott12v5Michael Harrison
David Duffy12v5Jimmy Atkinson
Dan Marshall12v5Andrew Walker
Andy Richardson12v5Andrew Calvert
Ross Gordon11v2Sam Grist
Richard Dawson11v2Remy McMeekin
Mike Watson11v2Phil Reed
Martin Piggott11v2Michael Romney
Jimmy Atkinson11v2Michael Harrison
Jaime Adams11v2Matt Anderson
Graeme Piggott11v2David Duffy
Andrew Calvert11v2Dan Marshall

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