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Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Sons Of Anarchy101000103297430
2All Sorts1070361352621
3Class On Grass1061350391119
4NK Osijek1051486612516
6Torcida (ABCD)104066268-612
7Kreata FC103073591-569

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Sons Of Anarchy10v4Split
Kreata FC6v11Torcida (ABCD)
Class On Grass3v3NK Osijek
All Sorts0v3DOM
Sons Of Anarchy8v1Torcida (ABCD)
NK Osijek12v3Kreata FC
All Sorts4v6Class On Grass
Sons Of Anarchy4v3Class On Grass
Torcida (ABCD)7v12NK Osijek
DOM4v7Kreata FC
All Sorts6v4Split
DOM3v9NK Osijek
Sons Of Anarchy13v1Split
Class On Grass4v2Torcida (ABCD)
Kreata FC1v10All Sorts
Split2v4Class On Grass
Kreata FC4v13Torcida (ABCD)
Sons Of Anarchy9v5NK Osijek
All Sorts11v3DOM
Kreata FC4v13NK Osijek
Sons Of Anarchy10v4Class On Grass
All Sorts6v5Torcida (ABCD)
Split3v15NK Osijek
Class On Grass7v1DOM
Torcida (ABCD)3v13Sons Of Anarchy
Kreata FC3v0Bye
All Sorts3v0Bye
Torcida (ABCD)6v7DOM
Sons Of Anarchy16v0Kreata FC
Class On Grass6v4NK Osijek
Class On Grass9v3Kreata FC
Sons Of Anarchy13v4DOM
Torcida (ABCD)8v4Split
All Sorts11v4NK Osijek
All Sorts6v2Split
DOM12v9NK Osijek
Kreata FC4v3Split
Torcida (ABCD)6v4Class On Grass
Sons Of Anarchy7v4All Sorts