Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Goodfellas 181413117437443
2Gangsters Allardyce 181404101673442
3Brothers in Arms 18131491494240
4AR FC18111698524634
5Tikitaka FC 1871106278-1622
7The Syndicate 1862106085-2520
8Game of throwins 18311457127-7010
9Galacticos 91262946-175
10ACE FC90182070-501

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The Syndicate 4v6Goodfellas
SYG4v6Game of throwins
Brothers in Arms 1v6Gangsters Allardyce
Tikitaka FC 5v0AR FC
Tikitaka FC 3v2SYG
Brothers in Arms 4v0The Syndicate
Goodfellas 7v0Game of throwins
Gangsters Allardyce 6v4AR FC
Goodfellas 9v2Tikitaka FC
Gangsters Allardyce 4v1The Syndicate
Game of throwins 4v7Brothers in Arms
Goodfellas 11v1SYG
Gangsters Allardyce 8v4Game of throwins
Brothers in Arms 8v3Tikitaka FC
The Syndicate 2v2AR FC
Gangsters Allardyce 9v2Tikitaka FC
Goodfellas 5v6AR FC
Game of throwins 3v7The Syndicate
Brothers in Arms 4v5SYG
Gangsters Allardyce 12v9SYG
Game of throwins 3v11AR FC
Tikitaka FC 3v8The Syndicate
Brothers in Arms 3v3Goodfellas
Gangsters Allardyce 0v4Goodfellas
Brothers in Arms 2v1AR FC
SYG4v3The Syndicate
Game of throwins 8v5Tikitaka FC
AR FC5v1Tikitaka FC
Game of throwins 4v6SYG
Goodfellas 5v1The Syndicate
Brothers in Arms 10v3Gangsters Allardyce
Tikitaka FC 3v4SYG
AR FC0v3Gangsters Allardyce
Goodfellas 8v5Game of throwins
Brothers in Arms 7v3The Syndicate
Game of throwins 5v5Galacticos
Gangsters Allardyce 9v1ACE FC
Brothers in Arms 5v3Tikitaka FC
The Syndicate 5v4SYG
Goodfellas 2v3AR FC
Gangsters Allardyce 5v2Tikitaka FC
Game of throwins 0v5SYG
Brothers in Arms 5v0Galacticos
AR FC11v4The Syndicate
ACE FC3v9Goodfellas
SYG3v7Gangsters Allardyce
The Syndicate 3v2Game of throwins
Brothers in Arms 1v5Goodfellas
Galacticos 0v5AR FC
ACE FC0v5Tikitaka FC
Gangsters Allardyce 2v6The Syndicate
Game of throwins 1v10Goodfellas
Galacticos 3v6SYG
AR FC1v2Tikitaka FC
ACE FC1v7Brothers in Arms
Goodfellas 6v2Tikitaka FC
The Syndicate 2v4Brothers in Arms
Gangsters Allardyce 8v2Game of throwins
ACE FC7v7Galacticos
Gangsters Allardyce 3v2Goodfellas
Tikitaka FC 3v1Galacticos
Brothers in Arms 3v1SYG
AR FC10v2Game of throwins
ACE FC3v4The Syndicate
AR FC3v5Brothers in Arms
The Syndicate 3v10Goodfellas
Galacticos 4v7Gangsters Allardyce
SYG3v6Tikitaka FC
ACE FC3v6Game of throwins
The Syndicate 3v3Tikitaka FC
Galacticos 1v7Goodfellas
Brothers in Arms 11v1Game of throwins
AR FC8v4Gangsters Allardyce
Goodfellas 8v4SYG
Game of throwins 1v9Tikitaka FC
Galacticos 8v1The Syndicate
Brothers in Arms 4v5Gangsters Allardyce