Ballerz Football League Tuesday

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1AM FC12100263323130
2Zizou's Zulus 1281354302425
3AR FC1273249242524
4Brothers in Arms 1272348262223
5Invincidons 126154637919
6Meridian FC 1253448331518
7AFG Utd 1245362451717
8Akhi FC 123363755-1812
9The Syndicate 124083553-1812
10French Walls 123273067-3711
11Pattern FC122192555-307
12DSC Utd122193676-407

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Pattern FC3v0Zizou's Zulus
DSC Utd3v3Meridian FC
Akhi FC 3v3French Walls
AR FC4v1The Syndicate
AM FC6v5Invincidons
AFG Utd 5v6Brothers in Arms
The Syndicate 1v10Zizou's Zulus
DSC Utd3v4Invincidons
Brothers in Arms 3v1French Walls
AR FC2v2Meridian FC
AM FC6v3Akhi FC
AFG Utd 5v5Pattern FC
Pattern FC1v4French Walls
DSC Utd5v6Akhi FC
Brothers in Arms 2v6AM FC
Invincidons 2v3AR FC
The Syndicate 2v3Meridian FC
AFG Utd 2v3Zizou's Zulus
Meridian FC 3v4Zizou's Zulus
Invincidons 3v1The Syndicate
Brothers in Arms 16v0DSC Utd
AR FC2v1Akhi FC
AM FC4v0Pattern FC
AFG Utd 13v2French Walls
DSC Utd7v3Pattern FC
Meridian FC 1v5Invincidons
French Walls 0v5Zizou's Zulus
Akhi FC 0v5The Syndicate
AR FC3v3Brothers in Arms
AFG Utd 2v8AM FC
Meridian FC 5v8DSC Utd
The Syndicate 5v4DSC Utd
AR FC11v1DSC Utd
Zizou's Zulus 5v0DSC Utd
French Walls 5v0DSC Utd
AFG Utd 9v3DSC Utd
Invincidons 7v4Zizou's Zulus
Brothers in Arms 4v3The Syndicate
Akhi FC 0v5Meridian FC
AR FC4v1Pattern FC
AM FC12v2French Walls
Pattern FC2v3The Syndicate
Brothers in Arms 1v2Meridian FC
Akhi FC 4v3Invincidons
AM FC3v2Zizou's Zulus
AFG Utd 1v1AR FC
Invincidons 7v2Pattern FC
French Walls 1v3The Syndicate
Akhi FC 0v5Brothers in Arms
AFG Utd 1v1Meridian FC
French Walls 1v16Meridian FC
Brothers in Arms 1v2Zizou's Zulus
Akhi FC 6v0Pattern FC
AM FC8v4The Syndicate
AFG Utd 2v2Invincidons
French Walls 5v6Invincidons
Brothers in Arms 2v0Pattern FC
AR FC3v5Zizou's Zulus
AM FC0v3Meridian FC
AFG Utd 13v6Akhi FC
Meridian FC 4v6Pattern FC
Brothers in Arms 1v0Invincidons
Akhi FC 5v5Zizou's Zulus
AR FC2v3French Walls
AFG Utd 5v4The Syndicate
Pattern FC2v9Zizou's Zulus
Akhi FC 3v3French Walls
AR FC9v3The Syndicate
AM FC5v2Invincidons
AFG Utd 4v4Brothers in Arms

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