Babe Ruth 2017

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Tri Town 141202174938138
2New Hartford 1410041351072834
3Torrington Knights 138051211071429
4Winsted/Barkhamsted 12507126149-2322
5Terryville Blue115061291062321
6Terryville Red1240893102-920
7Torrington Elks1130863104-4117

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Torrington Elks8v5Terryville Red
Tri Town 13v5Torrington Knights
New Hartford 28v6Water/Oak
Water/Oak8v13Torrington Elks
New Hartford 1v8Tri Town
Torrington Knights 1v0Terryville Red
New Hartford 8v13Winsted/Barkhamsted
Torrington Elks5v12Winsted/Barkhamsted
Torrington Elks8v7Torrington Knights
Terryville Blue10v4Water/Oak
Tri Town 12v11Winsted/Barkhamsted
New Hartford 11v4Terryville Red
Torrington Knights 9v8Water/Oak
New Hartford 6v5Torrington Elks
Terryville Red4v3Tri Town
Tri Town 9v3Torrington Elks
Torrington Knights 6v5Terryville Blue
New Hartford 8v13Terryville Blue
Tri Town 20v1Water/Oak
Winsted/Barkhamsted 6v15Torrington Knights
Tri Town 2v13Terryville Blue
Torrington Elks7v20Terryville Blue
Winsted/Barkhamsted 7v23Terryville Blue
Water/Oak9v8Terryville Red
New Hartford 3v1Torrington Knights
Terryville Red13v9Terryville Blue
Torrington Knights 12v26Tri Town
New Hartford 10v6Winsted/Barkhamsted
Torrington Knights 14v11Terryville Red
New Hartford 5v23Tri Town
Tri Town 14v5Winsted/Barkhamsted
Torrington Elks3v16Torrington Knights
New Hartford 12v7Terryville Red
Tri Town 8v7Terryville Red
Terryville Red13v8Winsted/Barkhamsted
New Hartford 9v4Torrington Elks
New Hartford 12v6Water/Oak
Winsted/Barkhamsted 14v6Water/Oak
Terryville Blue5v15Torrington Knights
Tri Town 3v1Torrington Elks
Tri Town 14v7Water/Oak
Terryville Red9v6Torrington Elks
New Hartford 15v7Terryville Blue
Torrington Knights 16v12Winsted/Barkhamsted
Water/Oak13v12Terryville Red
Terryville Blue6v10Winsted/Barkhamsted
Terryville Blue18v19Tri Town
New Hartford 7v4Torrington Knights

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