AW Amature League Division 2

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1heX 33009189
2Necro Nation 33009189
3Vigilante eSports 430110379
4Vivify youth 42026606
5R2v eSports 21013303
6Verve gaming 00000000
7DigitalEsports 00000000
8Emerge eSports 00000000
9Team spectre 100113-20
10Green Beans 200206-60
11God squad M9 200206-60
12SGS eSports 300309-90
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Vivify youth 3v0SGS eSports
Vivify youth 3v0SGS eSports
heX 3v0Green Beans
Vigilante eSports 3v0Vivify youth
Necro Nation 3v1Team spectre
heX 3v0Green Beans
Vigilante eSports 3v0Vivify youth
God squad M9 0v3R2v eSports
Vigilante eSports 3v0R2v eSports
heX 3v1Vigilante eSports
Necro Nation 3v0God squad M9
Necro Nation 3v0SGS eSports

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