AW Amateur League Division 3

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1WISE Gaming 44001201212
2Ghost EU 43019369
3Proximity 22006066
4Team NeXtGen 22006156
5Vivify White 32017436
6Essential Gaming 420268-26
7Hostile Red 21015323
8Hostile Nation 00000000
9NFusion eSports 200216-50
10Sv eSports 301206-60
11Bad Boy eSports 300309-90
12Team Royalty 5014012-120
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Team Royalty 0v3WISE Gaming
Proximity 3v0Team Royalty
WISE Gaming 3v0Essential Gaming
Ghost EU 3v0Bad Boy eSports
Ghost EU 3v0Essential Gaming
Vivify White 3v0Sv eSports
Team Royalty 0v3Hostile Red
Sv eSports 0v0Team Royalty
Ghost EU 3v0NFusion eSports
Essential Gaming 3v2Hostile Red
Team NeXtGen 3v1Vivify White
WISE Gaming 3v0Bad Boy eSports
WISE Gaming 3v0Ghost EU
Vivify White 3v1NFusion eSports
Proximity 3v0Bad Boy eSports
Team NeXtGen 3v0Team Royalty
Essential Gaming 3v0Sv eSports

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