AW Amateur League Division 1

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Team Pears 4400123912
2Vivify Black 22006066
3Sike Nation 22006066
4Initial Gaming 22006066
5TDF Axios 32018446
6Vivify Red420268-26
7ZarK eSports 310268-23
8Need an org 210135-23
9Team Spectre 00000000
10Equilibrium 200206-60
11Aversion eSports 4004312-90
12MaGma eSports 4004212-100

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ZarK eSports 2v3Need an org
Team Pears 3v0MaGma eSports
TDF Axios 3v1ZarK eSports
Team Pears 3v2TDF Axios
Vivify Red3v1Aversion eSports
Initial Gaming 3v0Need an org
ZarK eSports 3v2MaGma eSports
Vivify Red3v1Aversion eSports
Vivify Red0v3Sike Nation
Vivify Black 3v0Vivify Red
Team Pears 3v1Aversion eSports
TDF Axios 3v0MaGma eSports
Equilibrium 0v3Sike Nation
Team Pears 3v0MaGma eSports
Initial Gaming 3v0Equilibrium
Vivify Black 3v0Aversion eSports

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