Austin Men's Soccer Association (AMSA) Premier Division 2016-2017

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Celtic Cowboys Premier1484228151328
3Chiro Raptors1373342241824
4Wickham F.C.1372437241323
5ATX United137243125623
6Austin Thunder146442820822
7Verity F.C.135353126518
9Austin Athletic Club Premier1330102035-159
10Deportivo Tejupilco1302111560-452

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Celtic Cowboys Premier0v0Austin Thunder
Deportivo Tejupilco2v7Austin Athletic Club Premier
Verity F.C.2v1Austin Thunder
JCWFC0v5Celtic Cowboys Premier
Caledonians1v0Wickham F.C.
ATX United0v3Chiro Raptors
JCWFC2v4Austin Thunder
Chiro Raptors12v0Deportivo Tejupilco
Caledonians3v2Austin Athletic Club Premier
Celtic Cowboys Premier0v2ATX United
Verity F.C.1v2Wickham F.C.
Chiro Raptors2v4Caledonians
JCWFC2v3Wickham F.C.
Austin Thunder3v1ATX United
Verity F.C.7v1Deportivo Tejupilco
Celtic Cowboys Premier1v0Austin Athletic Club Premier
ATX United2v1Wickham F.C.
Celtic Cowboys Premier1v0Caledonians
Verity F.C.1v6Chiro Raptors
Austin Thunder3v2Austin Athletic Club Premier
Deportivo Tejupilco1v2JCWFC
Verity F.C.3v2Wickham F.C.
JCWFC1v4Wickham F.C.
JCWFC3v0Verity F.C.
Deportivo Tejupilco2v3Wickham F.C.
Deportivo Tejupilco0v4Verity F.C.
Deportivo Tejupilco0v1JCWFC
Chiro Raptors3v0Verity F.C.
Chiro Raptors4v3Deportivo Tejupilco
Chiro Raptors2v2Wickham F.C.
Chiro Raptors2v0JCWFC
Celtic Cowboys Premier2v2Deportivo Tejupilco
Celtic Cowboys Premier5v0JCWFC
Celtic Cowboys Premier4v3Wickham F.C.
Celtic Cowboys Premier2v1Verity F.C.
Celtic Cowboys Premier1v1Chiro Raptors
Caledonians5v2Deportivo Tejupilco
Caledonians6v1Chiro Raptors
Caledonians1v0Celtic Cowboys Premier
Caledonians1v1Verity F.C.
Caledonians3v3Wickham F.C.
Austin Thunder4v0JCWFC
Austin Thunder1v2Wickham F.C.
Austin Thunder1v0Caledonians
Austin Thunder1v1Verity F.C.
Austin Thunder3v4Celtic Cowboys Premier
Austin Thunder2v2Chiro Raptors
Austin Thunder1v1Deportivo Tejupilco
Austin Athletic Club Premier0v6Wickham F.C.
Austin Athletic Club Premier0v3Caledonians
Austin Athletic Club Premier1v0JCWFC
Austin Athletic Club Premier0v2Austin Thunder
Austin Athletic Club Premier5v0Deportivo Tejupilco
Austin Athletic Club Premier1v2Celtic Cowboys Premier
Austin Athletic Club Premier1v3Chiro Raptors
Austin Athletic Club Premier1v7Verity F.C.
ATX United1v1Celtic Cowboys Premier
ATX United4v1Chiro Raptors
ATX United3v3Verity F.C.
ATX United7v1Deportivo Tejupilco
ATX United2v4Caledonians
ATX United1v0JCWFC
ATX United3v2Austin Thunder
ATX United2v6Wickham F.C.
ATX United3v0Austin Athletic Club Premier

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